Art Day–Vincent Van Gogh

We got to art group early to help set up. The kids were very eager to help-and I think Kieran lasted a whole nanosecond in the hall helping out. He was outside like a flash! Hazel did help set up the newspapers on the tables before dashing off to play.

Their interpretations are as follows:






And it will be lovely when we actually get to bring them home. I (we!) left them in the hall while we were dashing out. I had a dental appointment, but needed to stop at a shop on the way home.

I wanted to find a different top for a wedding we were going to in the morning, and while we were there Hazel finally found the dress of her dreams. She picked out a lovely sundress awhile ago, but in the past week declared she needed something ‘silky’. She found one. And yes, being the overly indulgent mother I did buy her the new dress, but insisted she was going to wear the new sandals I bought last week. That’ll teach her! I think I’m going to have to approve of the books she’s reading. It’s due to Miss Alcott’s Little Women that my daughter insisted she needed a silk dress for an outing. I’ve had to explain that they created synthetic fabrics so poor folk like us would feel like we were wearing silk! Poor child to have me for a mother! How did I get a child who likes all this dressing up stuff?

We then ran round the shop quickly, dashed off to the hygienist, got the kids a haircut each, went home to make a light dinner and then Michael came home and took them out to a special Irish practice session. While they were gone, I ironed our clothes for the wedding, got their dancing outfits ready for Saturday and various other jobs.

Later, when Michael went to get his suit ready, yes, he only owns the one, we found to our horror that it has been damaged. We think a moth must have gotten to it. I’m going to have to see if it can be repaired, as it’s a really nice suit. Plus, for something he wears maybe once a year, I’d hate to have to buy a whole new one. Men are so lucky once they have that suit-a change of shirt and tie and it’s always a ‘new’ outfit!

The next hiccup was I really thought Kieran had a fairly new pair of brown shoes. I must have been dreaming! They were far scruffier than I thought! I had bought him beige trousers to go with the brown shoes as he doesn’t own black shoes, and I refuse to buy a pair of shoes he’ll only wear the one time. It’s one thing to do that for a girls outfit, but not a guys! So we decided he could just wear his brown Gortex trainers. My sandal also had a nick I hadn’t seen. Michael rescued them!

Poor Michael just looked at me and said ‘we just don’t do this dressing up stuff really well, do we?’ Ok-I know that was code for ‘Elizabeth doesn’t do it well’, and sad bit is, he’s right! I’m just fairly bad at it all. I am the only woman in my family who doesn’t do glitz. I don’t even like yellow gold -something that has taken my mother over 20 years to get used to. I am just a plain Jane, and generally quite happy with that.

Poor Hazel went to bed wondering if her nails were ever going to get done in time! She’s only seven, and thinks she needs painted nails to go to a function. As all who know me know, I don’t do make-up or paint my nails. It was easy years ago-you can pop in to a nail salon anywhere back home and walk out with beautiful nails. Costs a small ransom here, and I’m so bad at it!

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