Baking and Bowling

Tuesday was the start of our two-day baking spree. Hazel wanted to bring ‘her’ oatmeal raisin cookies to the art group on Thursday, and I had a few courgettes that needed to be used. On Tuesday she grated all the courgettes (zucchini) for two batches-one was made into muffins and the other into a loaf. I wanted to make some with and some without nuts. We got all the courgette baked goods done on Tuesday, and prepared the cookie dough to bake on Wednesday. The dough is much better if left overnight before baking.


While I did most of the oven watching and cleaning up, the kids spent the afternoon outside playing with Jenna as it was the last day before she heads back to school.

On Wednesday we went to meet some friends in Oxford for bowling. The kids all did rather well. Though they used the bumpers, it was the first time my two did it without using the ramp to roll the balls down. Kieran did it on his own the whole game, while Hazel used the ramp on a few occasions. Luckily enough the fact that he was loosing didn’t quite hit Kieran till the game was over!


Their friend H had the funniest technique. She managed two strikes, with balls that barely made it to the pins! The balls rolled so slowly for her, that one of them stopped even before it got to the pins!

When we got home in the afternoon, Hazel finished the cookies. I was on oven duty, and kept out of her way the rest of the time. AKA-I wasn’t making sure it was all done the ‘correct way’, you know, ‘my way’!! I think she did a perfect job, and I really should just leave her to it more often! She baked just over 6 dozen-we kept a dozen and she packed the rest away for art group.


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