Chiltern Geocache

We decided that we were going to go for an early walk today. We set out a bit later than thought, but still headed out late-morning. The kids, especially Kieran, have been fascinated by the Ridgeway Path. We’ve taken walks along it in different sections and every time we drive by it, the kids talk about it. So we decided to find an easy enough access for me and the kids that had decent parking, that way I could take them myself. Sometimes you end up parking along the embankments-and I don’t like parking like that. The place Michael found was right at the ‘entrance’ to the Ridgeway for us-embarrassingly easy enough to find! He’d also got the coordinates for a Geocache, so we could have a little hunting as well as walking. It was a fairly chilly walk on the Ridgeway-even while walking. It’s a gorgeous walk above the town where they do their dancing class.

The walk was enjoyably easy! And we found the cache! It was the first time in absolutely ages that we did a cache-and were pleased to find it. Hazel found the location, but couldn’t lift the ‘cover’ that was hiding it, so Michael did that. We know there was a family there before us-as we had seen them scrambling about the same place-but they hadn’t logged anything in the notebook nor have they logged it on-line, so we think they missed it.

After the walk we headed to our favourite farm shop for lunch. The kids were thrilled as there was a bouncy castle there, and they had it all to themselves. The afternoon was spent finishing up the garden jobs for the week. Michael was installing some fence posts and I tended to the tomatoes for awhile. We were running late and we decided to do the lazy dinner option, chip shop chips and eggs. Michael ran to the chip shop for the chips and he walked in the door and announced that that was far easier and cheaper than making his own chips. Yeah-don’t think I’ll be hearing about a deep fat fryer again!

Lots of photos from our walk:









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