World Day

Last weekend was a weekend filled with busy-work. The funniest thing to happen was Michael wanted a deep-fat fryer because he wants to make his own chips once in awhile. He needed an electric fryer because I can’t stand the smell of cooking oil and he wasn’t going to do it inside. I suggested he buy an electric fryer and use it on the back patio. He mulled that over for a few weeks and then decided that this seemed like a good idea-and on Saturday he very happily went to buy the fryer. He and his very eager little conspirators were all excited about the prospect of home fried chips. So excited it was all they had for dinner, other than fried beetroot. Now, I thought they were ok-but couldn’t really see it being something we’d do often, as it’s not the kind of food we generally eat. And I really hate the smell of anything fried, never mind deep fried in the house. The next morning he looks at me and says the fryers going back! I’m so happy it only took one use for him to get the idea out of his head!!

Other than that the weekend was filled with the usual gardening tasks, some shopping and lots of leprechauns. The kids and I were invited to attend a ‘World Day’ on Monday. The object was for each family/group to bring a craft and some food on a country of their choice. My two jumped up right away to say they wanted to do Ireland. My choice as well. I knew a craft we enjoyed making, I could just buy a loaf of soda bread-and my two could do a jig for everyone. Their teacher sent over the music and Michael found out how to get it onto my IPod so we had music for them to dance to. The craft we like to do is a cut out of a Leprechaun paper puppet. You can make him into a marionette, but we had all decided it was better just to move his arms and legs on your own without the strings. I had forgotten how much cutting out was involved! It’s one thing making two, but 20 was a feat! Hazel and Kieran both helped, and were very excited for the day.

When we got there in the morning everyone started to set up their tables. Hazel was watching two of the other tables-and was VERY disappointed I hadn’t brought things to decorate the table with!! Luckily enough I had printed off some facts and had glued them all onto some colour board and had a prepared leprechaun that we could hang up as well. I also had printed off maps and colouring sheets and tons of crayons. So Hazel gave it all her approval once we got things hung up and the table set. Goodness-she’s going to be demanding more from me from now on!!

The only families we knew were the host and another family from the monthly art group. Our friend is a childminder and the rest of the women were all her childminding friends. I have to say-they were definitely the friendliest bunch of strangers I’ve met in a long time! They had their own children and ones they child mind-and it was great to see them all get into the spirit of the day. A few children were older and they arranged things for the younger ones and were helping them all out with the crafts.

Hazel & Kieran got things off to a start by doing their dancing first. Kieran was supposed to dance first, but he kept saying the music was wrong. Had me all flustered for a bit thinking he was right-until I saw the look of annoyance on Hazel’s face! Turned out he wasn’t used to going first. So they switched round and Hazel went first-and then he joined in. Worked out ok! Just wish I had a photo!

It was a fun day-and Hazel enjoyed going to all the tables. She was so cute and kept writing her name on the crafts she did as: Hazel, from the Ireland table.

Kieran insisted he had to stay with me and help with the leprechauns. At one point he proudly announced that we were the busiest ‘stall’. I have to say-they really got into the idea of bringing a craft for people to do. I think almost everyone made a leprechaun-which is lucky for me, because I could hear the grumbling if our ‘stall’ hadn’t been busy!

I was really happy to see them playing with the two kids from art group. Hazel and Kieran don’t always join in with the kids-so hopefully next time they’ll play directly with them, and not ‘beside’ them.

We then all brought the treats we’d brought outside and had those and then some lunch. As we weren’t too far from Michaels work, he joined us for a picnic lunch. He does like to come and see what the kids are up to-and we always enjoy his company.

On Tuesday-Kieran finally decided to do the paper craft I found for him. I had found an Irish fairy doll for the older girls to cut out-and of course he wanted something to. I have to say-I was rather amazed at how well he cut them out. He and Hazel took these photos when he was finished:





On Thursday I had my hair done in the afternoon and then we all went to Science Oxford for another lecture. This one was probably my favourite. It was on Space Rocks, presented by Caroline Smith, the meteorite curator at the Natural History Museum, London. We went into the room early and she let the kids handle all of the meteorite samples and told us a bit about the rocks before the lecture began. It was a great talk-filled with facts, and those odd-ball stories of meteorites landing on people’s laps. I don’t think I’ve been as entertained by any speaker before. And she didn’t make me feel like a complete illiterate on the topic!

Michael took today off. In the morning the kids played with their Play-doh and created a little café. They tried to charge us real money! The cheek!


After that we decided that as there were still blackberries on the hedgerow, we might as well make some more jam. We, as in all of us, Kieran actually picked some too! We had only made 2 ½ 6oz jars last time-so a few more wouldn’t hurt. The kids and Michael went to pick the blackberries while I got the jars ready. We were a hive of activity and didn’t take any photos-but here are the finished jars. We had enough for 3 ½ jars this time!


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