Apple & Blackberry Crumble

The blackberries for our jam are in the field behind the house. Hazel has been very busy and very intent with her blackberry gathering. Jenna has helped and Kieran goes for the company and to eat as many as he can. He doesn’t add many to the bowl. As a result-the picked blackberry’s for yesterdays jam making session were all Hazels, as was the whole idea of making the jam. But as soon as it came time for the fun of making the jam, Kieran wanted to do the fun bits. Or at least what kids perceive to be the fun bits. I decided that it was Hazel’s work & idea, so he couldn’t help with the process. He usually lets her do most of the work and then he wants to enjoy the benefits of her work, and this time I put my foot down. This didn’t go down very well, and he went upstairs to mull it over. He eventually joined us downstairs again, but was rather quite.

A bit later I was upstairs on the computer and he came to tell me how I had ‘devastated him’! Poor guy! Once again I explained that I’d be more than happy for him to do the ‘fun’ bits and he could do anything he wanted, but he was going to have to learn to do some of the work as well. After a cuddle he went off to his room for a bit to think! (mind you-he was not sent to his room, he just goes off to think!)

He comes up to me a bit later and said he knows what he’s going to do. He is going to pick blackberries and he is going to make an apple & blackberry crumble and it’s to be ‘all his doing’. I asked if it was ok to wait till tomorrow as we were going out, and he said it would do!

When Michael came home from work Kieran went into the field to get the blackberries. To speed things along, Michael was allowed to peel the apples (and make the custard), and I was allowed to get all the ingredients out. Other than us putting it in and out of the oven, he did do the rest.

So this is Kieran’s first ever Apple & Blackberry crumble:








These are a few photos of some of the other crops I picked today. It may not be a glut of tomatoes, but I’ve been trying to grow Roma tomatoes for ages now-and this is the first lot to ripen for me!



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