Found the best British Ice Cream!

The rest of the past week was fairly sedate! On Friday I had another appointment at the hospital in the afternoon, so the kids and I spent the morning catching up with things at home. As they’d been out the few days before they didn’t get any music practice in, so I know there was plenty of music to entertain the neighbours with!

The highlight of the afternoon was when we were at the hospital. I parked the car and went over to the machine to get the parking ticket (which wasn’t working-so a free visit!), but while I was there I heard an airplane flying low, and I looked up. What is flying above my head-2 older fighter jets and the Vulcan. I was speechless-it wasn’t very far above the trees and I just loved looking at it. I was thrilled the kids noticed as well-what an experience. I know-as anti-violence as I am, they are marvels of engineering!

Saturday was spent in the garden-we managed to make it all look like it wasn’t neglected. Always a nice feeling. We’ve been harvesting green beans and courgettes all month-which is lovely, as they are two of my favourite foods of the summer. The good news is–I have a red tomato!! And hopefully a few more will ripen! This is the 1st time in 2 years I’ve had a red tomato!


On Sunday we decided to rest, and went to Avebury. Someone had just written a couple of days before that every time she goes she gets drenched. We only go when it promises to be dry. I didn’t have the camera with me-but it was sunny all day! Ok-there were plenty of clouds about-but lots of sun!

We had the usual wander around the stones. My three went up or down a steep slope or two-but I always stick to the path. The stones just always impress me. Kieran has a favourite stone-which I’m sure every child enjoys. It has a ledge that they can sit on. He charges for it every time.

When we got back to the village area there were some Morris Dancers on the main road so we went to watch for a bit. We decided to leave before they were done to get back to the café before the entertainment stopped and everyone went to the café! We usually have tea/coffee and scones and get the kids an ice cream-but they didn’t have any ice cream. (They sell small tubs of organic ice cream.) The clerk mentioned the post office had some. So Michael went up to the town to get those while we saved our table. We were expecting to see the pre-packaged yuck that I generally never let the kids have-and he comes waltzing back with blackcurrant ice cream on sugar cones. Now, I’m not an ice cream fan, I could live without it. So I’m sure my step-dad is wondering about the title! But it was delicious! I opted not to have a scone, but to have an ice cream instead! Which just proves how good it was! So, if you’re ever in Avebury-get your ice cream in the post-office!

The other highlight of the paste week or so has been we finally got round to my cousins today! We hadn’t seen them in about 4 months-which is REALLY bad as we only live about an hour apart. It was great to see them all. The one neat thing about seeing them after a few months is that you can really see how much they’ve grown and changed over such a short time. We only stayed for a few hours-but I’m glad we finally made it over.

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