Art Day-Henri Matisse

Today’s art group assignment was to do an interpretation of the painting by Matisse called Vegetables. Kieran and Hazel followed the painting fairly closely, but choose their own vegetables and fruit to cut out. They both set about it this week with gusto-they like cutting out. I could not for the life of me convince Kieran not to put a green apple on top of a green piece of paper! And yes, I know it should be their own work, but green on green just bothered me! 😉 (The purple veg on his is a mushroom!) I was quite thrilled Hazel actually asked me to help out-she’s starting to trust me again!





Kieran always finishes his project as quick as he can so he can go out to play, but Hazel likes to spend time with her work. When she was done, we went outside to set up our blanket for lunch. It was one of those grey days-that had a bit more white than black in the clouds-so we all managed to sit outside for about 2 hours without getting rained on. It’s a real chatty group of moms-and we always end up chatting beyond the scheduled time! One the plus side, I managed to give away some of the kids old things from my clear-out the day before. Always nice to see stuff go to people you know will use them.

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