The lectures at Science Oxford have continued this week. On Tuesday night we went to listen to a lecture by Dr. Carolin Crawford called ‘A Guide to the Galaxies’. OK-this woman is definitely used to giving lectures (as she’s a lecturer!) and it showed! What a talk-absolutely crammed with information, interesting facts and presented extremely well. I sat there half the time thinking that there is just far too much I don’t know. I like wake-up calls like that. Her photos were brilliant too, which always helps.

Kieran had asked her something about the best time to see/learn about where the stars were in the sky. And she gave one of those great answers to ‘force’ parents into doing things that might be against the norm. She said it would be important for him to be able to stay up late in the summer so he could learn the summer time sky, as well as the winter. Good thing we’re not totally against that!

This was the 1st time in one of the evening lectures there was a child about the same age as my two-which is always great to see. One of them happened to look familiar to Hazel-so I asked the mom if they HE-and they did! I didn’t recognize the mom-but like Hazel, I thought the girl looked familiar. Turns out the mom and I had been ‘conferring’ about the HE Badman report on one of the local lists. It’s always nice to put a face to an online name.

Wednesday saw us back in Oxford-in the rain! We were meeting some friends for one of the kids’ events at Science Oxford. It was my first time taking my two to a kids’ event there-and I was wondering how it would compare. I’d have to say-Kieran absolutely loved it! I think he thought he and the presenter, Kyle, were the only two in the room. Kyle mentioned how it was a bit obvious someone had been learning about space. I guess it did help that he’d just been to 2 lectures that tied into the event. Another little boy was just as communicative-and his mom said she was glad to see another one not afraid to ‘chat’ with the speaker! The presenter (an American) was lively and informative and just grabbed the kids’ attention. Well-Hazel and her friend Hannah seemed more interested in colouring than the talk!

The one downside to the kids about going to a daytime lecture was that the hands-on room was too crowded-they are used to having it mainly to themselves!

Today the kids had a recorder and flute lessons. I had booked an additional 2 classes over the summer-I think 7 weeks was too long to go without a lesson. Especially for Hazel as she is just starting out with the flute. After the lesson we went to our favourite lunch spot-and were quickly reminded that the kids were out of school for the summer. We were eating and having a lovely little chat when in walked the kids. A couple of them were fighting at the counter, they were all talking at once, general mayhem seemed the norm-and almost the expected behaviour. The one mom came over to me and said ‘oh well-there goes your peaceful lunch.’ I’m sorry-but there is no call for that. My mom had 5 children and we wouldn’t have dared to behave like that. Not that we’d be killed or anything-but we just knew what was expected of us. It was the ‘oh well’ attitude I got annoyed with. As if there wasn’t anything she could do about it-because they were kids. They were acting that way because she let them-which is very annoying. Needless to say-I think that started our summer time hibernation!!

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