My problem Solver

What do you do when you want to play with the colour wheel you made and your mom is upstairs, and your sister won’t put down her book?

You improvise!


I thought this was too cute when I walked into the kitchen and saw it. I was also happy the camera was in the other room and he had no idea I took the photo. He was smiling just because!

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6 Responses to My problem Solver

  1. Sarah says:

    very clever! and totally cute 🙂

  2. kellyi says:

    That is soooo sweet 🙂 Cool colour wheel too!

  3. Dawn says:

    Ahhhh…now that’s clever!

    We would love to do a postcard exchange…you can e-mail me your address:

  4. gardenmama says:

    I love and truly believe the quote on your banner, it made me happy to see this on your blog! What a sweet photo and clever boy, I love these creative problem solving moments!!

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks everyone–it was cute, wasn’t it!

    Dawn–we’ve been a bit behind with things–but will be sending one soon!

    Gardenmama–I read that in a book 30some odd years ago-and wrote it down. It was pretty much the moment I decided that if I ever had children, they wouldn’t go to school. I still have the piece of paper I wrote it on–just wish I wrote down the name of the book and the author!

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