Let's see if I can remember what we did!

Ok-the date of this post is the 27th of July-but I’m writing this on the 24th of August. I’ll use my diary to help me do it-but it is a feat to remember all the small bits of what went on.

The last major post about the kids was about their class feis where they both had a great time and did very well. Since then we’ve been busy, but not overly so as most of the group activities have come to an end.

The major event right after the feis was their recorder exams. We went to the teacher’s house in the morning for a practice session, and then went out to lunch. The three of us went to our favourite market shop for lunch before heading off to the music centre. It was only a prep-test, so not a pass or fail. I felt a bit bad because when we got to the music centre Hazel was whisked away fairly quickly by a stranger and was a bit flustered-and we sent her in with Kieran’s music and not hers! Poor kid! She recovered well and got a glowing report. Kieran did just as well-but at least he had time to adjust to the setting and procedures before going in. Their teacher had brought them both a chocolate lolly-pop which was the highlight of the event. She’s a great teacher and had asked before the day if they could have one.

Then we came home and the kids had their last Brownie and Badger sessions of the term. While they were out Michael and I quickly packed some things so we would be ready in the morning to go north for the weekend. His brother and his niece were celebrating their birthdays on the Saturday-and as always I told the kids we were leaving on Saturday morning. If Hazel knows she won’t sleep and will get up before 6am. I know-a bit dishonest, but they always stay up late when we go up north, and if she’s tired to start with, she wouldn’t make it through the weekend without getting overly tired.

Anyway-we broke the news to them Friday morning that we were going up when we were ready-which was greeted by shrieks of delight! So we had a good drive up, despite the rain. The two kids read the whole trip and Michael & I chatted. We hit a bit of a traffic jam at one point-so we had some lively music and signing and ‘car dancing’ to entertain us for a bit. We then went to his folks house for the evening and all visited his Gran for a nice visit. It was great to see her at home again.

Saturday was a very relaxed morning-the kids and Michael went round to visit his mom, while I had one of those leisurely mornings getting ready and reading my book for a bit. Then we finally headed off to the party-which the kids were over the moon with excitement about. Not only were they going to see their ‘regular’ cousins-but Michael’s cousins kids were going to be there as well, which included the families newest baby-Amy. We were an awful aunt & uncle and did not get one photo of all the kids! I know his parents did-so maybe we’ll snitch one or two of theirs.

It was a great get-together and it was great to see the cousins as well. It’s been almost 2 years since we’d seen his one cousin-and hopefully it won’t be another 2 before we see each other again! Hazel and her cousin Danielle hit it off the last time we were up north-and they spent most of Saturday together playing dolls. They are very similar girls, so it’s nice to watch them play together.

On Sunday we decided to get up early and come home-and avoid the brunt of the rain and the traffic. We made good timing and got to our favourite garden market by noon. And once inside I had a slightly odd experience. Maybe it’s only odd as my kids come almost every where with me.

When we went in the shop, Michael and I walked right to the butchers counter to get some meats for the week, while the kids dashed off to the café to get a table. And to go play of course! While at the counter I noticed one of the mom’s from the Irish dancing class. We said hello and she remarked that she had seen the kids-and was surprised because ‘they seemed to know where they were going’. Does that seem odd? Why wouldn’t the kids know where they were going in a small farm shop/café like that? It was obvious she shopped there often as she was getting their favourite pie for their Sunday lunch. Made me wonder just how many children don’t actually know what shops their mom’s go to!

I know-probably only seemed strange to me!

I have no idea what happened on the Monday-but I remember we were all tired, but ended up going to bed late again. So late, that on Tuesday the kids and I overslept for an event at a garden I really wanted to go to. I know we ended up being fairly productive that day-so much so that I hadn’t done anything for dinner by the time Michael came home. We decided on a trip to Pizza Hut-and once again decided we didn’t really like it-even as a lazy night option! We are fickle. I know-in about 6 or 9 months we won’t feel like making anything-and we’ll go there again, but I really have never liked it.

The rest of the week passed fairly quietly. I had an appointment for the Wednesday afternoon and the kids had football on the Thursday, followed by a trip to three (!) garden centres.

Thursday evening started our summer talks at Science Oxford. The summer theme is ‘space’, so something we’d all enjoy. The first talk was ‘Exploring Mars’ and was given by Dr. Helen Walker. She was a great talker-one of Hazel’s favourites. She had mentioned about one of the probes going into a volcano, so at the end Kieran asked her if it was going to be ok. Hazel asked her a very easy question: ‘How was Mars formed?’ What a loaded question-Dr. Walker took a deep breath, looked at us-and gave her answer. I think she must have been wondering what our beliefs are-but if you are bringing your young children to a scientific lecture, then I would hope she would assume we weren’t looking for the Story of Genesis. I was also pleased that she didn’t dumb down the answer for Hazel.

The weekend passed by I the usual round of errands and gardening-and I think it rained a bit.

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