58,000 Boys call for help

58,000 Boys called ChildLine about abuse in 2007/2008

How many of these boys were home educated?  I am going to be extremely generous here and say let’s presume that 5% of these children were home educated.  Remember—that is a presumption and not a fact—and will more than likely be a number of less than 1%.  That would mean that these children, roughly 55,000 of them are in school.  We are once again going to assume they are of school age because they have free access to a phone and know the ChildLine phone number.

55,000 school boys alone have called for help.  These children are known to their families, friends, neighbours, teachers, the school staff and after school activity leaders.  And yet they still need to call an anonymous helpline to seek help.  How sad is that?  And the Badman review claims that our children are the hidden ones.  These boys may be seen by many people in a day—but are they actually noticed

Why are the home educated families the ones being hounded and accused of abuse?  Do they really think all the money and time spent on home education inspections and interviews with our home educated children without a guardian or another adult family representative present will catch 55,000 cases of abuse? 

There are some very serious problems in this society. Why don’t we try to fix the most obvious ones, and stop the witch hunts about alleged cases of abuse?   And as most of the children who are abused are in schools, how soon before the government calls for spot inspections in every home?  And really—if all the people that know all those boys didn’t suspect or offer help—does the government really think someone coming into the house once or twice a year is going to catch it?  Didn’t Baby Peter have about 60 visits with authorities?

The stats for calls made by boys* in 2007/2008 to ChildLine per the BBC article:

             Bullying, 12,568 calls

             Physical abuse, 6,403 calls

            Family problems, 6,016 calls

            Facts of life, 5,362 calls

            Sexual abuse, 4,780 calls

            Sexuality, 3,510 calls

            Loneliness, 1,817 calls

            Rape, 1,803 calls

*Remember—this does not include the calls made by girls.

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