Ofsted praises family learning

Ofsted report praises family learning classes

“Children who take part in learning sessions designed to engage their parents as well, show improved communication, confidence and interpersonal skills, according to an Ofsted report”

When on earth are these so-called experts going to realize what we home educators already know? That the more accessible and involved parents are with their children’s lives, the happier, more engaged, inquisitive and well educated their children will be.


“Ofsted is calling for the Department for Children, Schools and Families to promote the benefits of family learning to head teachers as a core school activity.”

Excuse me, but doesn’t ‘family learning’ belong in the HOME and not in a school? And shouldn’t ‘family learning’ be decided upon by the FAMILY, and not a government paid employee?

When, oh, when are they going to admit that home education is a rather good idea?

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