Not a sign of a flinch

That is how brave Hazel was today when she had to have a blood test. She said “Oh!-you were right Mom, it does pinch going in.” That was it. No fussing, no crying, no flinching-and she didn’t try to hit anyone. All things I would have done over a routine injection well into my early teens! I stopped the screaming as I got older-but not the flinching, nor the looking away. I stopped flinching when I started to bring the kids with me-all this being brave for the young ones has done me some good.

Gosh-our paediatrician must have hated me! Mind you-I did have a bad experience at the age of 5 with a needle and an emergency room full of doctors who were trying to sew up the side of my eye that might have put me off the whole ‘needle’ scene. But maybe not to the degree I carried on! 😉

We had appointments very early this morning with the GP for a follow up on Hazel’s tick bite, and some things for me. The GP decided it was best to have Hazel & myself tested for Lyme’s disease. I had an ‘unknown’ bite in October that still flares up, and as her bite mark is just healing after 6 weeks, she thought it best for us to get checked. And as Kieran was bitten on the 27th of June-we might need to know if the ticks around here carry the Lyme’s disease. Once again we spotted it early and I got it out before it really got its head stuck into him. So if Hazel tests negative, we won’t test Kieran unless he has a flare up or a rash.

When we went to the hospital for the test-they took us right away as I had a child who needed to be done. The phlebotomist suggested Hazel went first, but I told her we’d discussed it and I would so Hazel could see the procedure again before it happens to her. She prefers to know what to expect-it’s the unexpected she doesn’t like. I wasn’t really worried about her-neither she nor Kieran ever flinched or cried when they had their immunizations. Not a sound from either of them. I thought that was awfully strange-but then again, I base it on my ‘possible’ over reactions to needles.

She was very proud of her bandage-and was quite surprised I took her to the kiosk and let her buy a chocolate treat. Honestly-I would have screamed the place down! Mind you-my mom did buy me a chocolate lady bug after I screamed and kicked and hit out at every doctor in the room. They literally restrained me and tied me to the table before I let them fix my eye. And when that kind woman bought me that chocolate, she told me it was because I was ever so good and brave! Gotta love a woman who can lie and make a little one feel so much better!! 🙂

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