July's Art Group

The kids and I both really enjoyed their monthly art session. The mom’s who have put this together have really surpassed any other HE group activity we’ve been to. The amount of time and effort they put into each session is evident.

This month the kids worked with pastels and created their own interpretation of Henri Rousseau’s Tiger in a Tropical Storm. Surprised! They worked on creating a background and disguising it with their foreground.

This is Hazel’s initial sketch & finished project:



This is Kieran’s initial sketch & finished project:



The group has decided to make it a day long outing. The kids have the ‘arty’ bit in the morning and then we can all socialize till about 2pm-ish. It was nice to meet a few new moms this week. There was also a girl from Hazel’s embroidery club, whom we didn’t know was home educated. Hazel was very pleased to see her there.

So as these things go, you just slowly meet more and more people. Some of whom have been home educating in the same area as long as we have, and we’ve never bumped into each other before. And the more people you meet, the more reasons for home educating you come across, and so many different ways in which we all do it. Why on earth does the government want to destroy such a unique way of life? Must we all be drones for the State to be happy?

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