Natural Performer?

The kids were asked to do a small dancing display again with their Irish dancing school. It was at a small beer festival about 40 minutes away-so we said yes as it sounded like fun for all of us. Michael & I are slowly getting to know some of the other parents and can have someone to chat with in the garden, and the kids all had a great time dancing on and off the stage. It’s never a bad way to spend a sunny afternoon having a drink in a garden while chatting to new friends, with the added bonus of getting to watch our children perform.

Nothing was done of extraordinary skill or achievement-but while looking through the photos Michael and I both noticed the same thing. Not all the photos are great as it’s just a small camera and not great with action shots-but in these few photos, see if you spot what we spotted.







Did you spot it? Hazel is always, always looking at the audience. She is so confident of her footwork, and even on a new stage never looks down to see where she is. She smiles a good portion of the time-depending on how much she needs to concentrate. Sometimes her smiles are dazzling, none of that phony stage smiling. And when she dances–all eyes are on her–she just radiates joy when she dances. There is something that comes alive in her when she is on stage-and it’s a wonderful thing to watch. I don’t have a clue where it comes from-but I’m really glad she has it!!

Yes-Kieran loves to perform and has no fear on stage-he still needs to concentrate quite a bit while he’s dancing. He does get the loudest applause-as he does try the hardest!!




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