Health and Safety Madness

People in the UK have been totally brainwashed and have gone Health and Safety overboard. I thought this ad was awful when I first saw it-just because it was a bad ad in my mind. But I cannot believe that people have complained because of ‘health and safety’ issues. Folks-it’s just an ad!!! (I believe the government may secretly love articles like this.)

Mind you-I’m all for safety measures and recommend bike helmets. It doesn’t appear from the article that anyone complained about the lack of a bicycle helmet-probably as that’s not a legal requirement here in the UK. I bet a helmet, rather than a yellow vest, would be more effective at preventing a possible injury in case of an accident, or simply in case of a fall.

But honestly, if I see another yellow reflective vest on someone out for a walk in the daytime I’ll scream. I couldn’t believe it a few weeks ago when I saw some teachers walking down the street with some children during the daytime. It wasn’t so much that they were out (surprising as that is!)-but that they all had on safety vests-in the daytime! Even the teachers! I could just see the scorn and contempt any of my teachers would have had for our principal if she suggested they wore those while we were out on a day trip to NYC!! Come on folks-just teach them to keep their eyes open, check both directions before crossing the road, not to dash into traffic, and just about every single one of them will be fine. Teach them the right things, let them get out into the real world once in awhile, and they won’t need a safety vest on them to walk ¼ of a mile down the road.

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One Response to Health and Safety Madness

  1. Jax says:

    another reason groups of children from school/ nursery wear vests when out and about is so that they can be identified easily as a member of the group – makes them stand out. Have seen this approach often, vests, or bright T shirts or baseball caps. Oh, and the items generally have the name of the scheme/ school on them, so it’s free advertising too.

    Our compromise from Montessori was to have a high staff ratio and have the children wear safety bracelets – id bracelets with the school phone number on them. Was tempted by bright colours on the ones who tended to run off – like my son!

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