A Round-up of the Normal Stuff

Before I completely forget what we’ve been up to the past two weeks-I’d better blog it. As I’m sure most of you can tell-I’ve been slightly distracted this past week.

There have been just a couple of out of the ordinary events. The kids and I went to the second art group last Thursday. Have to say-yet another good get together. This time Degas was the artist, and ‘The Little Dancer’ was our inspiration. The children all tried to do a quick sketch of our little model in her ballet outfit. The object was to make them realize that what they saw the first minute would not be the same a minute later-even using the same model. It stressed how an artist has to sketch quickly, especially while using a live model.

Then my greatest fear-clay!! As many of you will know-the kids have previously banned me from helping them with clay before. I of course had no clue what to do-and we fumbled with it a bit. Then I watched another mom actually shape the ballerina out of the whole piece of clay. I was telling the kids to make arms and legs and we’d attach it all. Kieran decided very early on to do it his own way-he made a gingerbread man. He didn’t want a ballerina, nor did he want to sit there if he could finish quickly and go back to the park. Yeah-one problem solved. But Hazel liked what she saw the other kids doing (yes, many with good mom’s who knew what they were doing!) so I offered to help. We followed what we saw someone else do-and I think we were both pleased with our final result. I actually think I’d try it again.




Afterwards the kids and I went to the lake and had a picnic lunch.


Friday we all headed into London for another event at the Royal Institute of Science. Michael and I were looking forward to a full day in the city, as we didn’t have to be back early for anything that day. We took an earlier train and went to one of the parks for lunch. Kieran was very slow to eat his lunch, so not like him. But he wasn’t complaining and looked fine. We then head off for the lecture.

We got there early so we could have a tea break before the lecture. A few minutes later H & K saw one of the boys from our local group, and went to see if his sister was there. She wasn’t and the kids came back. Two minutes later I couldn’t find my glasses. To be honest-I was mostly worried about my sunglasses, the reading ones could float away and I wouldn’t care. But I love my sunglasses. And the thought of going on the underground without them would be too much. I have dry eyes-and it’s painful to go on the subway without them. Hazel and I dash off to the ladies room to see if they were there. Just as we were rushing out of the ladies and back to the guys, someone walked past. I said a quick hello as I ‘knew’ this person-but my mind was on other things. Then she calls my name and I realized, yes-I ‘know’ her, but we’d never met in person before! (Honestly-I’m not normally so rude-but I do love these glasses! I should have bought 2 pairs!)) So I said a very quick hello to Michelle at the Ladies door before restarting my search. Michael had found them-yeah!

Anyway-with minutes to spare we took our seats. It was the lowest turn out for an event there yet. The talk wasn’t too my liking, I did feel that the man tried hard-but it just didn’t seem to pass much info on. It also didn’t help that Kieran, very uncharacteristically, was squirming and yawning very dramatically. Have to admit-I got slightly annoyed. I decided to have him sit on my lap and he’d have to stop his squirming. (I know-cruel mom-his punishment is to put him on my lap for a cuddle!) The second I pulled him onto my lap I knew it wasn’t going to end well-he was rather hot.

Poor kid had an upset tummy. Michael got him to the bathroom, but not the toilet on time. The cleaning woman was great and made a huge fuss over the poor boy. He’s never been ill while we were out before. Hazel has been sick twice on car rides when she was little (and planes) but the last time was about 4 years ago. I have to say-my kids are great-and only do that in public when their dad’s around! The first time Hazel ever got sick and when I called my mom to tell her about it-she was more concerned over how I handled it!! I don’t deal with it at all!

Within a few minutes of being outside he seemed perfectly fine. I think it must have been the train ride-he was reading a very tiny magazine print for most of the journey. He’s never had motion sickness, and can read fine in the car-maybe next time on the train we’ll just chat!

We decided not to risk it though, and came right home afterwards. This was fine by me, as I had wanted to do some gardening anyway. Saturday morning the kids went for an extra Irish dance lesson-and then they played outside most of the day. Michael and I wasted most of the afternoon on discussions, but got busy for the evening. (I think I have more plans/ideas than we can actually ever accomplish-so spare a thought for my ever-patient husband!) Sunday was a very busy day-and lots of work was achieved. We planted more plants in my ‘new’ front border and redid another border. Michael also built the ‘cage’ for the raspberries-so hopefully we’ll get more than the birds this year. Our blueberries are looking amazing this year-I might actually be able to make something with them this year. Last year the kids ate them the second they ripened, we barely got a punnet. This year we should get a few punnets!

This week has passed fairly event free. I’ve spent far too much time on the internet trying to get to grips with the results of the farce of a home education review the government commissioned. I have actually read just about all of the Education Act (69 pages of legalese) and the Human Rights Act and countless other documents. I have a rudimentary knowledge on the parliamentary system-which I’ve been improving on all week.

I did turn the computer off for the daytime yesterday so the kids and I could run some ‘errands’ and spend time together. I felt as if I’d neglected them on Monday. I explained what was going on-and they have decided we should move to New Jersey. (I might have influenced that decision!) Sometimes I think I should censor what is going on-but mostly I feel they should have an understanding of what’s going on. You hate to worry them, but you can’t hide things from them either. I bet Mr. Badman (his real name!) has no idea, nor cares, how many children he has truly upset.

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