A Bit of Everything Week

The weekend was mostly spent doing gardening. I think I might actually get a red tomato this year. Monday started with a long overdue visit to Carole and the girls. We didn’t stay as long as originally planned as I had some errands I had to run before the kids went to Irish. We all enjoyed having cuddles with Camille though-she was just 5 months, a very lovely baby stage! The difference between the two sisters is already evident-I find siblings fascinating.

After dinner Michael and I did some work on a new garden bed. It’s not a completely new site-but he made it bigger and then we planted about 10 perennial plants. I finally have an idea of how I want to get the front garden to look and have convinced Michael that a plain lawn is just that-plain. It’ll take about 2 years or more to look the way I want to-but that’s ok! I have the time.

Most of the plants will hopefully be grown by seed-I want to do one border along the drive of lavender and rosemary-so if this years seedlings and cuttings keep growing-I might actually be able to grow my own hedge. I’ve tried a few times to grow lavender from seed I’ve collected-and so far this is the only year it looks like it might happen. I decided the bed in the very front of the lawn will be a flower border with perennial wallflowers and aquilegias, all in purples, yellow and the odd bit of white. I’ll plant in a few Iris’s and daffodils for seasonal colour. They are all plants that should self seed and fill the space. For the ground cover throughout-I’m going to fill those with a couple of different thyme plants I already have-and some of their clippings. In the autumn we are going to put some fruit trees along the hedge opposite the lavender border. This should create an alley way down to the flower bed-and give us seasonal colour and keep the bees happy! And Michael will still get to enjoy a lawn. Wish us luck!

Tuesday saw us up and out early-we were attending yet another ‘youngish’ play. It was called The Lost Toy-and seemed another good opportunity to see a live show to ease them into the ‘fictional world in action’. Seeing it performed seems so much different to reading things. They just, thankfully, don’t understand teasing, pretend fighting or name calling. In 7 years it hasn’t entered Hazel’s realm of thought.

We were going to go to the local museum after I visited one of the shops-but as it was such a warm day-we thought it’d be nicer to go home and get out in the garden with a picnic lunch. It was a nice way to spend the afternoon, and I got more reading done for my classes.

Wednesday found us up and out early again. I can’t believe I ever used to make it to work by 7am! Why oh why do I schedule appointments so early? Honestly though-I do like getting out early, I just don’t normally have a reason to-so am just out of practice. We managed to get me to the dentist on time, stop by my favourite local nursery for some more marigolds, went to our local WI market for a treat for the kids, and then to the grocery store-and were home by 11:30am. A good start to any day! The kids had recorder and then after dinner we did some more gardening.

Thursday the kids had football and I had to go back to the dentist. This time to see the hygienist, which was nice as the slot opened up while I was seeing the dentist, which meant I didn’t have to wait another 2 weeks. I like to see the one hygienist-and it’s hard to schedule the two appointments together. We did the visit in reverse to Wednesdays-this time we went to the nursery 1st. I had seen some plants on Wednesday but didn’t get them-but afterwards I decided I could use them.

Michael and I spent the evening quietly organizing our packing for a weekend visiting his family. We told the kids we were going early on Saturday-I have to do this or Hazel will be up before the sun, she never sleeps when she knows something is happening the next day. We had decided to drive up on the Friday as his niece’s christening was at 11:30am on Saturday-and we’d never get there on time otherwise.

We told them when they got up on Friday-and luckily they had slept till about 8am. The first port of call was to Kieran’s guitar lesson. I think playing the guitar looks much harder than I ever thought. There is so much coordination required-using both hands differently, yet simultaneous-and still reading the music. Will be interesting to see how this develops. As soon as the lesson was over we hopped in the car and headed north. The traffic was a bit slow, but steady, and including a picnic lunch we managed to be there about 4:30. We had a nice dinner with his parents and then we went to visit his Gran who is in a skilled nursing facility at the moment. We had a nice visit, and then went back to his parents for cheese and crackers. We left them a bit of cheese! Anyone else out there whose kids like blue cheese?

Saturday I was woken at 6am by Hazel–so she could tell me her good news. She has had a wobbly front tooth–and declared on Friday she had 21 hours for her tooth to come out. Well–it came out before the Christening–and she was rather happy about that. Not the best photo–but gappy tooth smile in the hotel!


The rest of Saturday was taken up with Abigail’s Christening and the party afterwards. She looked lovely, and was lovely!


Not a single fuss when the water was poured over her. Though Kieran thought that bit was funny-he thought the vicar was washing her hair!! Fairly obvious we don’t follow a religion.

This is a photo of all the first cousins. (The cute little dark hair girl in pink is a cousin on her mom’s side of the family.) Abigail is holding her life-long pal-George.


We had a very nice time-it’s always great to get up north and see everyone for a visit. We decided to leave early on Sunday as rain was expected and we wanted to beat the traffic. We did! We stopped at our favourite farmers market for a nice lunch-which we ate outdoors. As usual-the temperature was 4 degrees C warmer-and the sun was shining. I love the south!!

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One Response to A Bit of Everything Week

  1. tammy says:

    sounds like a lovely weekend! Congrats to Hazel for loosing another tooth. Would you guys be up for doing another book review? An author is sending me a book that I think you guys would enjoy. It is an interactive story for 7+ and looks cute. Let me know if you guys would like to review it and I will pop it in the post.

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