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We went to two different events this week-from one end of the age spectrum to the other. The first was to see a performance of Room on the Broom by the Tall Stories productions. My two were at the upper age level, but did enjoy it. As they are still a tad skittish when it comes to shows I try and take them to any live show-so they can hopefully realize it’s all pretend and learn to deal with the ‘bantering’ a bit better. They both seemed to enjoy the songs-so hopefully I’ll eventually get to watch a musical with them! I still can’t persuade Hazel to watch any of them with me, not even Annie! They think it’s dreadful that Annie tries to leave the orphanage-they think she is naughty for doing it. And after seeing their reaction to the 1st song-well, we won’t be trying again for awhile.

Then the next event was rather above their level of comprehension-it was a talk on the book Darwin’s Lost World. Hazel was sitting there listening so intently-with a puzzled look on her face the whole talk. She said at the end that she really didn’t understand it at all-‘shouldn’t he have talked about animals evolving?’ Yeah!-she knew that much! The talk was basically about why there isn’t a huge fossil record from the Pre-Cambrian era-did life really start after that period? Or could something be found from an earlier era, and if so-how small would it be, and how could/would it be preserved? Anyway-we explained that in layman’s terms for them-and they seemed to get it. Yep-in no time at all they seemed to understand and accept that a minute single cell bacteria that is aged at about 1.2 million years old, has proven that life began on Earth way before anyone predicted. Yes-they have their dad’s scientific outlook on life. Odd bit is-they don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t believe scientific proof.

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