Another Irish Dancing Video

Yes, the kids did yet another dancing display! This one was in Oxford, in Bonn Square in the city centre. Oxford is ‘twinned’ with Bonn, Germany and they were having a festival to celebrate the ‘twinning’. These festivals are done to show the folks what each city/country has to offer. I personally thought it quite funny that a British city and a German city were both showing off their Irish dancers!



The kids enjoyed the dancing, and Kieran did his first solo. This display was mostly the adults doing the dancing (the German group was all adults), so the kids didn’t do too much. Kieran usually dances with an older child, so I was very interested to see how he would handle it. It is obvious he still needs someone to follow-but just because the steps aren’t all known by heart. He didn’t seem the slightest bit frazzled by doing it on his own. Hazel enjoyed the whole experience again-I don’t know what she’ll do next week with out a crowd of people to entertain!

(Video: Hazel comes in at about 1:15, Kieran at 2:35.  Also-if you push the HQ button on the video link–the quality is improved.)


We had planned to go in and come right home, but the kids wanted to watch more of the festival. I chatted with an older couple during the entertainment, while Kieran and the Lord Mayors’ son had a long chat. He was so cute talking to him-the boy was obviously, about 11, but was wonderful about engaging Kieran in conversation.

We watched this boy and his drumming group. I’m putting his photo here, I have no idea who he is, but this kid is a star in the making. He was so much fun to watch. He drummed, he did poetry, he did skits with other children-and his dad looked like he was going to bust with pride-and no one would have thought he was over-doing it. This kid is a natural entertainer. Watch for him!


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2 Responses to Another Irish Dancing Video

  1. Sam says:

    Wonderful dancing 🙂 Great that your two were more than happy to dance in front of a large audience.

    I love Irish Dancing and I’ve always wanted to try it – it’s on my list! I also want to be able to play the music as well (it’s a long list!)

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Sam–I think we all have lists like those–mine’s 3 pages long!

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