Rainy, lazy weekend

Michael and I tried our best to have a lazy weekend. As it was raining it was fairly easily done. Though of course, we can’t really do much of ‘nothingness’, I just think we are programmed to not be overly idle. He spent a good portion of the day working out the best way to transfer our video tapes to the computer. (I’ll put up a link when I have the newest version he has-the clarity was really good.) I decided to clean out the filing cabinet-and get the finances up to scratch. Did manage to convince the utility company they are overcharging us-and managed to lower our bills by over £50 a month. So what do you do when you realize you have a slight surplus this month? Of course-you go spend it right away!

Well-we were rather indulgent on Sunday-but not overly so. It was another rainy day, and after a relaxing morning we dashed to the farmers market when the rain let up. Then after lunch-pasties & carrot cake from the market, Michael & I decided on a trip to Toys R Us. The kids received money for Christmas and their birthdays from my parents & my friend, which we finally went to spend. They contributed all the money they had received to their new stock of Play Mobile toys. We paid the other half, plus! Kieran finally got the Pirate ship he wanted and Hazel got an Ice Cream Café and a jeep with a horse and a horse trailer. Needless to say-that about ends the day. They set up the new toys and played with them till bedtime.


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