The kids and I were supposed to go to an event today-but when we were getting dressed in the morning I found a very tiny tick on Hazel’s neck. We had been in just about all day on Wednesday, so I was rather surprised to see it. I know we had been to the arboretum on Tuesday, but on Wednesday we just went to recorder and then in the evening we went to the bookstore. It must have been on her fleece from the outing on Tuesday. Yuck!

I did manage to get it out-but thought I should get her checked out just in case. I was rather surprised that they don’t give antibiotics or even have the tick evaluated to see if it has Lyme’s disease. Is that the norm? So we are in a ‘watch-and-wait’ mode to make sure a rash doesn’t develop. The doctor said to just get rid of the tick-but I think I’ll keep it just in case.

As the appointment was late in the morning, we decided to go to their football session for the first 40 minutes. They have been enjoying it, and Kieran was glad he didn’t have to miss the whole session, as was the original plan.

Not much else went on for the day. We did some grocery shopping and then stopped by the lake for the first time in ages. I had a huge bag of birdfeed in the car which we hadn’t opened yet. The kids feed the ducks at least 2lbs of seeds in a rather short time! Then we all spent the afternoon mostly reading, I did some work for geology class and the kids read their new books from the night before.

They had Badgers and Brownies in the evening. I was rather surprised, as was Hazel, when she was given her Brownie troops travelling doll to bring home for the week. So Daisy has come to join us and Morris for the week. I was rather disgusted by the state of Daisy, she was quite dirty. I declared she needed a bath and threw her into the kitchen sink immediately. The water actually changed colours! Hazel was a bit horrified when I did that-but did declare in the end that Daisy did look much better.

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