Morris Mouse

I was asked about a month ago by one of the HE moms we just met this year if Hazel & Kieran would like to participate in a ‘travelling friend’ project. They both decided it sounded like fun, and as we hadn’t tried it before we all said yes. She found a lovely stuffed mouse in a charity shop, gave him a scrub-and Morris Mouse began his adventures. It is very similar to a Flat Stanley project, except this is a stuffed animal, and you submit a once-a-week diary entry to his blog. Morris arrived this morning, about an hour before we were to leave the house. I have to admit, I was very surprised by just how excited the kids were. Especially as he arrived in time to come to their dancing display. Meet Morris Mouse:


Yes, the kids were asked to do another display. This time they danced with a few kids from their class and the class right after theirs. Hazel was really amusing on the way to the display. I had explained it was going to be very small at it was in a small village in the middle of nowhere, and that they weren’t to expect hundreds of people. Hazel didn’t like the thought of that, and came up with an idea of how to get a bigger crowd. She decided that what the organizers should do was get some really big speakers, put them near the roads and hold the fair near the road-so all the passing drivers would be so intrigued they’d stop and watch them dance. How on earth did I have a child who wants to perform in front of people??

I loved this photo of Hazel; she really is starting to leap.


This is Kieran just about to start his reel.


On the way home Hazel said that the one girl from her class said to her while they were waiting their turn to dance that she felt it was ‘ever so nerve wracking’. How does my child respond? She told me she just looked at her and said ‘what on earth could be nerve wracking about dancing?’ Very comforting, not! And I, in my most hypocritical ‘mommyness’, said, ‘Yes, what indeed could be nerve wracking about performing in front of people?’ Hey-she doesn’t have to know that I’d never have done it! I think her classmate is a zillion times braver than I am-because even though she was nervous, she did it. I don’t know how/why Hazel and Kieran are so fearless about this performing malarkey. I think it’s a combination of being naturally confident, we’ve never taught them they could be ‘afraid/nervous’ of anything, they’ve never been criticized, and though they have had class exams-they’ve always excelled in them so have no idea what failure is. Whatever it is though-I just hope it continues.

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