Kids = No More Money

Now, those of you that do know Hazel & Kieran know they aren’t really spoiled with expensive things. There isn’t a single electrical game console, or any such extravagant thing here. But I tell you-they have cost a small fortune this week. Especially Hazel in the clothes department; which is possibly a sign of things to come!

The costs started escalating last weekend, right after the Irish dancing, and haven’t stopped. We knew Kieran needed new Irish shoes as he’s had to use his ballet slippers for the last month. So while in town we decided to get them kitted out with new ones. He decided to use the jazz dance shoes this time-they cost £24, but were a HUGE saving over the last ones he had. (I still haven’t let Michael know how much those were!) They didn’t have the style Hazel needs, so that cost will be deferred till the next time we are in the other town that has a shop that sells them.

Then I’d wanted to go see what types of shops were in a small shopping centre I’d just discovered. We did have a purpose-both kids need Croc style shoes for the garden, Kieran needed sandals & possible sneakers/trainers. Hazel definitely needed sneakers, some sort of summer shoes and summer clothes-especially shorts. After a lovely lunch at the farm shop we like, we headed to the shops.

We didn’t find any shoes for the kids-but did manage to do a bit of damage to the bank account getting summer clothes for Hazel. She’ll still need more-but at least we have enough if the weather turns warm in the next couple of weeks. And of course we needed to get Kieran a t-shirt if his sister is walking out of the shop with a bag with one of everything in her size the shop had in it!  We did manage to find Hazel some imitation Crocs at the Sainsbury’s, so at least one new pair of shoes was bought.

The next expense isn’t really a necessity, but I ordered Kieran some new books. When Hazel was an established reader I got her the beginning sets of Animal Ark and the Rainbow Fairies. In total it was something like 30 books. He didn’t get that many. But I did manage to get him 3 more Nate the Great books and the starter set of the Magic Tree House, which has 4 books. He was thrilled, as he’d been asking for a ‘series’ of books to enjoy, the way Hazel has with Animal Ark. And he wanted them to be with boys in them-so I think I managed that. As all parents know-you can’t buy something for one child and not the other. This meant I ordered the unabridged version of Heidi for Hazel. She’s read it twice this week

Hazel’s extra ‘treat’ was that I finally ordered her a new Irish dress for her next performance. This way she won’t have to borrow one.

The kids have started to go to a little football/soccer HE meet-up every week. One of the moms has gotten some proper coaches to come along and do proper training sessions with the kids. I’m not a fan of football-I so don’t like all the fouls that I’ve seen on TV. They just foul someone and then look into the TV camera and deny they just did it, though 10 million people saw them do it. I don’t really want that in our lives. But I buckled, and they’ve enjoyed it. The sessions cost £2/$3 a child-really reasonable. Until it dawns on them everyone else has boots/cleats and they don’t. This isn’t a case of ‘they have it, I want it’. No. To my two it’s a case of it’s the rule-so they must have those shoes.

Off to the sports shop we go. Michael almost kicked me out of the shop at one point-I really hate shoe shopping! After a bit of a re-think on what we saw, we did manage to find them a pair each. Michael had been adamant that one type of cleat would be fine for the summer, and I wanted the other ones. The shop clerk the first time round didn’t have a clue which was the right kind-mind you; he only works in the shoe department of a sports shop! Duh! But after our re-think we finally decided on the upper part of the shoes, and asked another clerk to get any they have in Kieran’s size. He then asks us the very intelligent question-is it for indoor or outdoor football. Guess which one of us was insisting on the indoor shoe? He’ll remain nameless for now. 😉

Earlier we had found a pair of white and red ones in Hazel’s size, with the correct studs, and she was too funny about it. When we came back after our little regrouping, she found them again and put them on. It was very evident there was no way we were leaving without them. The shop had the same style but in yellow and black for Kieran so we managed a pair for each.

But as any girl knows, once you have the shoes, you need the right outfit to go with it. We ended up buying Hazel some sporty shorts, t-shirts and a little sports jacket. Kieran has saved me a fortune by still fitting into all of his shorts from last year, and the sporty shorts I bought him two years ago. The only flaw was he didn’t have any sporty t-shirts to go with the shorts. So he of course needed 3 shirts to match those shorts. Then of course they needed the proper socks for the football shoes. Oh yes, and a football each! So this £4 an hour once a week lesson has just cost me over £60. Mind you-we still need their shin guards.

But don’t they look the part? I love the way her sock fell down. (Micahel was in charge of sizing those!)


Today was Kieran’s first guitar lesson. He was rather excited all morning about it, and was thrilled to finally be able to take the guitar out and about with him.


When I bought the guitar I kept asking the man if it was the smallest and if he was right for the size. He assured me it was. While Kieran was sitting there in the lesson-it was obvious it was too large. Then his teacher shows me a smaller size-I really thought we had the smallest. She kindly lent me her daughter’s old one for the time being. Yes-you’re right. This does mean I have to go out and buy another guitar. Plus a book! I just bought a new recorder book this week as well.

The upside was-when we got home after Home Ed group he wanted to practice, and for me to do it with him. Having two guitars does make that much easier to do. Did I mention I only know as much as he learned today? This is going to be very interesting!

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2 Responses to Kids = No More Money

  1. Sarah says:

    Love your post title, too true!

    When we started suzuki violin with Josiah, Steve and I had to have a few lessons ourselves as part of the deal – to show us how it felt to be learning something new, etc.. We could have carried on, but mainly due to cost/time constraints we didn’t … in some ways I wish I had. I sometimes think that I would be able to model ‘practice’ much better if I were doing something like that. And certainly violin practice is easier led by another violin – as you discovered with the guitars – so sit in on the lessons and learn as well, it will be fun for you both I’m sure!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    His teacher is one of the local home ed moms (Gwenny had her) who is very lovely. I will be sitting in learning along until he can do the lessons on his own. I still sit in on all the recorder lessons, and will when Hazel starts the flute at the end of June. There is no way I could help them otherwise. Both teachers are more than happy to let me do this without any extra charge. But having the extra guitar will be good–I also bought a recorder when they started! So who knows–I might get beyond knowing B,A,G on the recorder!

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