The Poppy Field

Today was the first day of a once a month art group a couple of the local HE mom’s have started. The group is for children under the age of 8, and the main object is to learn a little bit about a famous artist and their style of painting. The mom’s did a great job in organizing the hall, they even had cheese & grape platters-a lovely touch! This month’s artist was Monet and they had a display of his artwork, some books for the children to look at-and real canvas for the kids to paint on. Hazel felt ever so grown up using a canvas. One of the moms’ gathered the children round and read Katie Meets the Impressionists so that they could have an introduction to who Monet was, and what impressionism was. It was lovely to see them all listening so attentively.

The work of art that they all copied was the The Poppy Field by Monet. It was, as it always is, so wonderful to see all of the different children’s interpretations of the art work. There was a little girl of about 6 and one of about 3 that really did ‘get it’-their work was wonderful. They most certainly were freer in their expressions-and they dabbed like pros! The mom who set up the art work brought q-tips/cotton-buds for the kids to paint with so they would be ‘encouraged’ to dab rather than using brush strokes.

This is Hazel’s masterpiece:


This is Kieran’s masterpiece:


They both loved the session and we are all looking forward to the next one!  I think I rather surprised the children by having their paintings hung on the wall before bedtime!

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