Recorder Concert

The kids’ recorder teacher held a concert today for anyone in her school who wanted to participate. I think 19 children joined in. Michael and I were really impressed by the quality of the playing by the children. They all got to pick one or two pieces each. Hazel & Kieran had one solo each and then they played one piece with her group of younger players.

This is Kieran playing ‘Mr. Cool’ by Sarah Watts:

Hazel played ‘Five Jive’ by Sarah Watts:

This is my kids with all of the younger students playing Perry’s Troika. Two of the kids got muddled in the middle-but they got back on track for the ending. And considering they didn’t all practice together–I think they’re brilliant! (Five of the 7 kids are all Home Educated as well.)

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3 Responses to Recorder Concert

  1. Sarah says:

    Beautifully played 🙂

  2. dottyspots says:

    Well played!

    I’m rather biased, but the recorder is a wonderful instrument 🙂

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you! We were impressed by all the children–they all did a lovely job. And not one of them seemed detered by performing in front of so many people. I’d have never stood up there on my own!

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