Science & Chicks

The kids and I went to Intech on Tuesday to see ‘Science, the Best Bits’ by Ian B Dunne.  The kids were hoping he was doing the talk, as they enjoyed his last one. He was as entertaining as usual-much to their delight. We spent some time before the show looking around the exhibit. As it was another gorgeous day we had our lunch outside after the concert. The kids had a couple of goes on the flight simulator-Kieran trying to crash into every building he could. Hazel got the hang of it this time and actually didn’t crash once-though had a near miss with the ocean. (Uncle G-not too sure if they’ll ever be pilots!)

When we joined Intech they sent £8 worth of vouchers for their shop. I generally never buy anything in those shops-so the kids had an interesting time picking something out. I was glad they had such a hard time finding something they thought was worth owning. Hazel settled for two bracelets and Kieran got a key chain (he has some old fashioned keys from our old doors) and he also got a face cloth that was compressed and expanded in water. I’m glad to say-it wasn’t complete junk.

On Thursday the kids went to football-and enjoyed it again. We didn’t stay too long afterwards to play as they had recorder in the afternoon. We had to cancel from our usual day as we had something else on. In the evening Kieran started back at Badgers, looking ever so cute in his uniform.

While we were at football on Thursday one of the mom’s mentioned her chicks were hatching. She said the kids & I could come round on Friday to see them-so I jumped at the chance. The kids were so amazed by the chicks- and we all got to hold the 1 & 2 week old chicks. Yes, even I held one in my bare hands. That would normally send me running, but they were too cute to resist. The best part was seeing a duckling actually leave his egg for the first time. Then the kids went with her son to collect a dozen eggs for us to bring home.

As we were in that neck of the woods, we went to the HE meet-up. Her son came on the drive with us-he was extremely entertaining on the way. He was also good with the directions, as I hadn’t driven in from that direction before; I had to rely on him to show me the way. The kids enjoyed the group-and played with two of the ‘new-to-us’ kids. They’re parents are from the States as well.

Today was a day to spend a fortune on flowers. They were mostly perennials-so Michael didn’t keel over at the check-out counter. Now I just have to decide where to put them.

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