Catch-up #100

I’ve been a tad remiss in keeping this blog up-to-date, but at least this time I have a good excuse. We bought a new computer, and Michael needed some time to install this one and to copy everything over-not the easiest to do when he’s busy with work. Of course when he reads this he’ll shout out that I could have blogged from either of the other computers and it’s just my way of using any excuse I can to put something off. Which he’ll be right in saying! 😉

The kids and I had a quiet week as all of the classes are still on holiday. On Tuesday we went and did some shopping to continue getting some improvements done. I finally bought a hook rail for the bathroom-I’ve only been dithering over that for a couple of years now. We also picked out two matching hook rails for the kids bedroom so that they can hang up all of their bags. The kids also picked out some paint tester pots so that they can paint the knobs on their clothes dressers. Kieran went for blue & red and Hazel went for pink and yellow paint.

On Thursday I brought them to try the local HE football session. They loved it! They went into the younger group-they looked like a pair of giants next to the younger children! Hazel could have gone into the older group-but even she knew she had no idea what she was doing, and was quite happy to learn the basics with the younger children. I believe they’ll be going back. Though we will have to see if they will really do it in the rain. Kieran was a bit disturbed by that thought-but then again-he just may do it.

The rest of the week was fairly usual, as has the weekend. It was a grey week-so we did have the best of the weather last week when Michael was off.

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