The Working Holiday Ends

Today was the last day of Michael’s week off. Though we were supposed to be ever so busy knocking jobs off our ever growing list, we did find plenty of time for fun. And today was an ‘enhanced’ Steam Day at Didcot-so that was how we decided to end the week.

An ‘enhanced’ Steam Day-generally means they have three trains running and the signal box. They got to ride on Fire Fly which is a treat. She is only a replica of course, but they get a kick out of the open wagon.



Kieran is slightly obsessed with the class structure of the passenger cars, and has sussed that first class is the best. Because you get a chair with two arm rests for yourself. We spent quite a bit of time in all the sheds today. The kids were very busy climbing in and out of all the engines, which aren’t generally available. Funny thing was-we only went on each train once-and not the usual non-stop riding trains. We all shared a couple plates of chips before coming home.

For the rest of the afternoon we just basically enjoyed the sunshine and had a barbecue for dinner. A very relaxing end to a fairly productive week. To summarize what we did: the front porch posts were painted, the large back garden table and chairs were treated, the fences finished, the shed & playhouse cleaned, the playhouse treated, the lawns treated, the greenhouse tended to, the kids playroom & bedroom revamped, two dressers for the playroom painted, the study rearranged, a new computer ordered, some storage solutions solved, some shopping done and all the daily jobs.

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