Almost an Egg-less Easter

Just so it doesn’t seem so totally mean-the kids had pretty much sussed there was no magical bunny or man bringing them treats. Hazel had approached me and asked the ‘Who is it REALLY?’ question-at which point I always said we’d tell them both. The only reason they wouldn’t quite admit they knew it was us, was because they wanted to be given treats. Which I have to say-has been a major sticking point-I don’t like just buying them things for no real purpose other than it’s a holiday-which we don’t actually believe in. Then again-I do love buying them things!! So to ease them into the transition of new found knowledge, we did say that they could each have a chocolate egg-and that they could even pick it out.

Normally the shops here are packed with Easter eggs. For those back home-in the UK it is traditional to give the kids a chocolate egg for Easter, and not a rabbit.

(Why an egg and a bunny?: The egg is a symbol of newness/fertility-which the pagans used in their spring celebrations-and it carried over to Christianity, and became a chocolate egg when chocolate became cheaper to manufacture. The Easter bunny goes back to the pagan religion as well-the hare was the sacred creature of Eostre/Ostara, the pagan goddess of fertility, whose name looks very similar to Easter.)

As I was saying-the shops normally have a zillion eggs-not today. Oh no. They had just about all sold out. I had managed to get the usual loot for the kids (I know-what can I say-I do like giving them goodies!) but could not find a decent sized egg anywhere. While I was in the main shop, Michael took the kids to one nearby. When I called him to say everything was hidden in the car he asked me to walk over to the shop. Which is an outdoors/horsey/gardening type of shop. I wondered what he found. The man is great at looking for things I’ve forgotten we need. He found a great jacket for Kieran. We only looked all winter for one we like. We like the light/waterproof coats that come with removable fleeces for the kids. And he found one. It’ll fit for a good year-so we can say goodbye to photos of Kieran in his red jacket, which has lasted two years. Did I mention he found it for half-price? What a guy!

I told the kids that they couldn’t go to the shop I just left to get an egg as they’d sold out. Which started our actual Easter Egg hunt. We had to go to 4 shops before finding one. We went into the little shop at the Tesco petrol station and as we walked in-I saw that they had two of the large Cadbury Caramel eggs left. Two happier kids couldn’t have been found anywhere else in the world at that moment!

We then headed home to do some baking. We make hot-cross buns, minus the cross, every year. This year wasn’t our best year-but they had fun making them. I think the yeast may have been old-as they just didn’t rise enough.


The kids are allowed to buy a treat whenever we go to the small local market in town. Lately they’ve been buying the chocolate nests (made with cornflakes) that have the chocolate eggs in them. So this year I decided they might as well make their own. We used the dark chocolate instead of the milk-very tasty. They enjoyed the process-and I have to say so did we. Especially as they can basically do it all on their own. We’ll have to get more chocolate soon so they can make some more.



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4 Responses to Almost an Egg-less Easter

  1. Michelle says:

    Dark choc def better.

  2. Dawn says:

    That was quite an egg hunt! And you found some other treasures besides eggs. Those chocolate nests look delicious.

  3. KateinNJ says:

    What fun! We were thinking of making a chocolate nest as well,
    maybe next year. My P has asked to take Irish dancing lessons as well..I am considering it.

  4. KateinNJ says:

    Thank you for the birthday wishes!!

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