Too Many Membership Cards?

I woke up today with a sneaking suspicion that I should have done something, but hadn’t. I just couldn’t put my finger on it. It was a grey, drizzly morning and I don’t think any of us were in the mood to do very much. The most activity early today was that Michael called and made an appointment to have his car dropped off for it’s yearly service. He took Hazel & I took Kieran with me to the dealership. I really forgot exactly which lane the dealership was on-Kieran still thinks I was just messing about! Anyway-we made it there a few minutes after the others. Though not just because I drove down the wrong lane. We were stuck at the traffic lights at the top of our road. Our road has a small incline at the end, and a learner driver took 4 lights to get the car moving. Manual cars do take a bit of getting used to-but I bet that teacher was ready to quit after that lesson.

While we were driving home I was trying to think of something we could all do that would get us out of the house-as going home only meant having to do some work, or end up feeling like we wasted the day. But I had no desire to tackle any indoor jobs. That’s when it hit me what I should have done-renew all the library books! Argh! With about 60 books out from two different library systems, we could have run up some hefty fines. I quietly ran up to the computer to check the status of the books-none would be late if I got them back today. One hitch-the Oxfordshire Libraries were closing at 1 pm-and wouldn’t open till Tuesday-each day the books would be late and would incur some fees. Yikes! I thought I’d try a mercy call-but no such luck-most of those books had met the maximum renewals. Plan B-which of their libraries wouldn’t be too far to drive to that would have a local attraction we’d all like? Ah ha! Wantage! There s a museum there that both of us have wanted to go to-I knew he’d go for it just for the geological stuff. A planned outing is an easier way to let him know we are about to rack up £10 in overdue charges if we don’t move!

The kids and I rounded up all the books that were must returns to both library systems, put them in corresponding bags and we all head out. The The Vale and Downland Museum is in one of the small historic villages. It’s one of the few museums local to us that has an admission charge-but £7 for a family for a year is nothing. So-I get to add yet another membership card to the portfolio! Honestly-I’ll need a separate bag to lug them all around soon. I’m in possession of about 12 yearly family membership cards. It seems that everyone seems to be offering the free yearly admission once you pay the initial entry fee. We have lots of visiting to do this year!

The Wantage museum itself is great-it has something for everyone to enjoy. It’s one of those museums that is bustling with activity-basically because it has a nice shop and cafe right at the front of the museum. It felt like the local hotspot-which is so much better than going to a museum that doesn’t have anyone in it. The kids did an egg trail, played fishing in the playroom, found a racing car which thrilled Kieran, read about King Alfred and watched the two videos narrated by Mr. Attenborough twice each. Kieran also enjoyed learning about the Great Western Railway tram system that used to link the village to the nearest train station. Hazel enjoyed the craft room and the old fashioned kitchen, as well as the information about the local wildlife.

We had sandwiches in the cafe for lunch, followed by carrot cake for the adults and strawberry ice cream for the kids. While we were in the cafe the kids explored the books in the shop and two additional rooms we hadn’t been to earlier. We also took turns wandering around the book stalls. I think we were in the cafe for over an hour-just enjoying our tea and the busyness of the museum. It was a nice way to spend on a dreary afternoon.

Would have stayed longer if we didn’t have to get to the other library. Unfortunately we had plenty of time to stay at the library-so I’m the guardian of yet another stack of books. Not that I’m complaining-I love seeing the kids reading!

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