Love at First Instant Message

Michael is off for the week. We have been saying for ages now that we are going to redo our bedroom, and that it’d get done this week. (Technically it was supposed to be Easter week-which I’m sure means the week AFTER Easter, but he took the week before Easter off) But as there was no planning, no ideas of what we want done, no preparation or supplies bought in-decorating wasn’t going to happen either week. The compromise was we’d try to knock off as many things on our list of ‘must-do-soon’ jobs. The weekend was gorgeous so we decided to tackle the outdoor jobs. We did a fair amount of work.

We had the annual clear out of the shed. Once again everything was taken out and either junked, re-housed, found better ways to store it within the shed, or just put back in it’s original place. We even vacuumed out most of the cob-webs. I think it is the number one job at the beginning of each spring. When autumn rolls round we just chuck everything from the garden in there-so by spring time we can barely get in the door. The good thing was it only took one afternoon-we are getting better at it. Michael also managed to finish treating the fences and one of the tables and it’s chairs. I tended to the plants and the kids played.

Michael kept mentioning we’d have a day out-and then kept saying we’d do it on Tuesday. I was of the mind set that it’d be better to go somewhere on Wednesday, as the weather wasn’t going to holdout much longer and maybe we’d get some more outdoor jobs done. But he was fairly excited about an outing on Tuesday, so of course I agreed. Especially as it was to the Hillier Garden Centre in Romsey-a place I’d been eager to go back to. I had two main reasons-1. I liked it and wanted him to see it and 2. A years membership gave me free admission to Kew Gardens as well for the year. I’ve been planning to go to them both for ages-and I want to see the two of them in all four seasons.

So Tuesday dawns and the next thing I know I’m having scrambled eggs in bed-much to Hazel’s annoyance. She brought me some juice and complained that they had only had cereal. I didn’t think too much about that as the kids normally refuse a cooked breakfast first thing and generally prefer cereal. Anyway-we get ready for the day and head out. Michael even suggested we’d go somewhere after for a late lunch/early dinner.

While we are filling in the membership form Michael and I are sitting alone at a desk. I needed to write the date and asked him what the date was. Now-most stay-at-home mom’s may understand this. I no longer have the concept of the actual date of the week. I always know what day it is-and what activity we have for next Wednesday, etc…-but don’t ask me what the date is. So I ask Michael and he say’s it’s the 7th. My-a lightning bolt couldn’t have struck me any faster—I suddenly realized what all the insistence was that we go somewhere on the Tuesday, and why he took this week off, and not next! Because it was the 7th- the day we first meet in person. Thank goodness it came to me in a flash-or I’d have been devastated, and so probably would he!

He is a good guy! I still can’t believe that 9 years ago I picked up an almost complete stranger at an airport and brought him home with me-but I did, and it’s working out wonderfully! It still feels wrong to say he was a stranger when I met him at the airport. Because as weird as it sounds-I was in love with him before I met him in person.


Our day out was lovely. It wasn’t overly sunny, but it didn’t rain either. Sometimes I feel it’s best to visit gardens when it isn’t too sunny-I think the plants stand out more. The garden felt empty though there were plenty of people about. We had a lovely stroll around and enjoyed looking at a few of the different gardens. The kids climbed trees and found secret dens to explore. Kieran was ever so busy finding wood to bring home. He collected four pieces so I could have a lovely fire to enjoy for my anniversary. Isn’t he sweet!





After we explored the garden we decided it was time for something to eat. We went to a local restaurant and had a nice dinner. Then we thought we’d pop into Winchester for a stroll. We get near the town centre and I see the sign for the road back to the highway-so I asked Michael if we could leave! The thought of walking around a town centre was just too much to bear-the traffic was annoying me. I realized I have very little patience for towns these days. Once we were on the highway I suggested we go over to Stonehenge-about a 20 minute detour from where we were. I just felt the need for an open space and to feel the wind-which is a guarantee at Stonehenge! So a blustery walk around Stonehenge-and I think we all enjoyed that better than a walk in a town centre. At least I know I did!



The funny part of the day was while we were at Stonehenge Hazel & I were talking about the millions of people from around the world who come to visit Stonehenge. And just as she said like ‘Pop-Pop Jim’-we saw a man who looked just like my step-dad. Not only did he look like him-he had on an identical outfit-light blue jeans, beige jacket and cap. My mom must have felt us talking about them-because within 20 minutes of getting home-she called! A lovely way to end a great day.

Michael made us a nice fire, especially as Kieran had picked the firewood. Here is Kieran putting his first log on a fire.


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