New Art Sessions

Last month an email comes along and there is a professional artist who is willing to hold monthly art sessions for HE kids in her local village hall. There will be skills taught and new techniques learned. The first session will be an introductory class for the kids to explore what techniques they want to try, and for the teacher to see what skills/likes the kids have. There will be an emphasis on sketching and the first theme will be about cave drawings.

Prepared to be amazed:



(Below is the sun)






Hazel only did the drawing of the tree because I basically begged her to try a drawing and not just another painting, as four wet paintings wouldn’t fit in the trunk, along with the box (not pictured) that Kieran painted as well. So no sketches, no new techniques and nothing about cave paintings or art history.

No-my two didn’t learn anything new, didn’t even try anything new. They just raced for the painting table and did the HE usual stuff. Well-it would be the usual stuff if I actually ever let them paint! Am I the only HE mom who hates the thought of arts and crafts in her house? Oh well-they had fun and it’s not expensive!

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2 Responses to New Art Sessions

  1. Jax says:

    sounds like a great opportunity, and maybe when they’ve painted some, they’ll want to access the other resources? I’m not fond of painting in the house, but now they haven’t got the Montessori messy room on tap, I do try to set my prejudices aside and let them get stuck in fairly often – they do seem to love it.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Jax–they do have a whole room set up in the house & they have a playhouse where they can cut, stick, paste, colour, use watercolour paints and pastels whenever they want. It’s the gloopy poster paint I can’t stand in the house. But on sunny days they can create away outside with the messy stuff. I think I’m just looking forward to ‘works of art’ that aren’t made with loo rolls!

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