Sketch Tuesday- Space

The topic this week was to draw something you would see in space. This was a relevant topic for us this week, as we were doing some work on the solar system over the past couple of weeks. Both children chose to do the moon.

Hazel tried to put an American flag on the moon-but wasn’t too sure how it really looked.


Kieran also did the moon, but with a footprint. He thinks that it is great that Neil Armstrong’s footprints are still visible due to fact there is no atmosphere on the moon.

Moon 0001

Today was also an outing to the Museum of the History of Science in Oxford. The kids had fun looking round the gallery’s with their groups looking for objects on cards, and then deciding which of the ten items would be most helpful in space. They were supposed to be broken up into groups of people they didn’t know-but Hazel had two of the kids from the local Badgers group with her. Admittedly it was the 1st time she and R have done something in the home-ed world together, so an enjoyable first for them.

After the museum my two and I wandered round the city’s covered market before heading off to Millets Farm centre for a picnic lunch. Just when we were done eating the kids spotted a friend from Irish and her family, so they all played for a bit till they went in for their lunch. The kids and I then had a walk down to the new wood they are creating there and had a wander round. They then wanted another play in the play area-so they played and I read for about another hour. It wasn’t sunny, but was warm enough to sit out and read for a bit.

The past weekend was filled with ballet as reported earlier. On Saturday in the afternoon we finally made it round to my cousin and her fiancés new place. It was good to see them all-as I think it’s been almost 2 months sine we last saw them. When we left we decided to go out to dinner and tried another burger chain, to rate the burgers against the ones we had in Oxford a few weeks back. The GBK burgers in Oxford won over Tootsies/Dexters. (Why on earth do they use 2 separate names?)

While we were sitting there we were marvelling at how these chain restaurants are taking over the South, and possible the rest of England. When I first got here almost 9 years ago-there were very few chain restaurants in the country. Now each mall has about 6-8 restaurants that the whole family can go to. No longer do you have to wait till after 7 pm for a good pub to serve food-the chains are open all day like in the States. I’m glad in one way-but kind of sad in another. I’m all for family styled restaurants that serve throughout the day-but most of them are glorified fast-food chains, and they are every where. I’m glad the family restaurant is here, but wish there could be more reasonably priced independent family restaurants-that don’t feel the need to create a party atmosphere all day.

Sunday was a day of gardening. Michael finished painting another fence out back and I re-potted a few plants, etc… Other than that-it was a fairly quiet day all round. Monday was just as quiet-the kids and I all did work, they had Irish and after dinner we all did some food shopping. Not much to report!

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3 Responses to Sketch Tuesday- Space

  1. grit says:

    oh wow! what a museum to find! we have to go there now!

  2. KateinNJ says:

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving
    such a nice message. It is always nice to meet a fellow blogger.

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