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Friday started the end of term ballet/tap classes. This is the one class where the family can come and watch a typical class. Hazel was promoted to Grade 1 in January, but has continued with the previous class as well just for the extra practice. Which meant we had her Primary class on Friday, Kieran’s class this morning, followed by Hazel’s Grade 1.

When I originally enrolled Hazel in ballet it was because it was the only ‘organized’ activity for children of her age in our area, that didn’t need me to be sitting with her. After seeing the first few end of term classes, I didn’t think it would continue beyond the age of 5, it has! I’m not a huge ballet fan, and I really thought the repetitive nature of it would send her screaming from the hall. It hasn’t. I’ve wanted to go running from the last few parent classes-as with two children doing it a year apart from each other, and the class being the same routine from year to year-we’ve seen it over 12 times, and I don’t like repetition.

While I was sitting there yesterday, trying not to yawn too much, I started to think about her progress over the years. It was evident from the beginning that she had good rhythm and that she could learn the steps quite quickly, and mostly that she liked it. It was also evident from the beginning that Hazel wasn’t really interested in what the others were doing. By this I mean-she wasn’t going to wear and do what anyone else was doing.

When she first started ballet, Hazel insisted on wearing a little purple ice-skating outfit my sister gave her-she didn’t want the pink outfit. Honestly-I took her to the shop, but she wanted her purple dress and so that was the end of that. She also didn’t want the tap shoes to begin with either. So here is Hazel going to her first ballet class:


In the spring she decided she’d wear the pink outfit. So off we go to get the regulation leotard, but what does she choose? A pink leotard with a separate light skirt with white dots. (This is Kieran’s first ballet class-so put it in cause he looks so darn cute!) Ballet outfit number 2:


After awhile the skirt was looking old. She had also lost her toddler tummy, so it was actually bigger on her in the end, than when she first got it. It actually took ages to convince her she should get a new one-almost 2 years. She finally concedes to get a new ‘regulation’ leotard, until we get to the shop. She liked the bodice and ‘satiny’ feel for this leotard over the regulation cotton dress. So ballet outfit number 3:


And today, Hazel was back in purple. This ‘regulation’ outfit she did not hesitate with, and wanted it as soon as she was promoted. Most of the girls in the class haven’t bought the purple one yet-but Hazel loves it! It isn’t because the ‘others are wearing it’, but because she feels it is right. She feels she looks like a grown-up dancer. It’s the first time she’s voiced that she knows she’s good, and wants to be considered in the same league as the older dancers. She feels she has earned this ‘status’ symbol, as she even wants a cross-over cardigan in the purple. Hazel has always refused one in the past, though they’ve been on offer-but this one is a must have. So here is my dancer, about to lead the group:


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5 Responses to Back to Purple

  1. Hi Elizabeth,

    I popped over from your link in your signature in your email with the sketches this week. I loved reading this entry about Hazel and her dance classes. She reminds me so much of my daughter at that age. She was always very independent and had her mind made up right from the start. She took ballet from an early age too and fortunately for us the studio is one block from our house. Amanda always wanted to walk herself. So I would walk to the corner and then watch as she walked up the street and she would give me a big wave as she walked into the studio. She danced until about 13 and then decided she was done. She moved on to playing the flute and stuck with that all through her high school years.

    We still look back on her ballet days very fondly.

    My youngest son loved ballet too…he took ballet for about four years but then he was the only boy so he decided to switch to basketball. Go figure. 🙂

    Thanks for the link, I loved reading about your life with your two children.

    Barb-Harmony Art Mom

    • Elizabeth says:

      Thanks for popping by Barb. It is fun watching their progress over the years, and seeing how much they’ve grown. I love how independent they are. Kieran’s class has 2 other boys, as does his Irish class-so hopefully he won’t be the only one. I don’t understand why more buys don’t give it a try–great for their flexibility.

  2. mamacrow says:

    FAB posture she has! She is really lifting up from her breast bone her core (unlike several others standing behind her!) I also envy her hips… I’ll never get mine to turn out like that 😦

    • Elizabeth says:

      Thanks Mamacrow! We don’t know how she should stand ‘technically’–just that she really looks lovely when she does it!

  3. Hannah says:

    Just catching up with posts – what cute pictures!
    You can really see that Hazel enjoys ballet, well done to her for getting to the purple stage :o)

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