I Bought a School Uniform Today

Well-most of a school uniform, all but the sweater. Have to say-it was a very horrid experience, and I’m glad it wasn’t for the real thing! 🙂 For those in the States-most schools here in the UK use uniforms-and most are horrible, drab clothes. I’ve never seen so much grey in my life-grey uniforms for the kids and grey skies. You can buy most uniforms in any shop, unless they are for the more up-market schools. I only bought it because Kieran needs black trousers, a white shirt and black socks for his tap exam this weekend. I had no idea these would be required, so yet again I got hit with another unexpected purchase for one of these exams. They can get costly, can’t they? I asked the teacher if she could make him a bowtie, as I wasn’t buying one of those!

The week has been chugging along nicely. The kids and I all did lots of work on Monday, which seems to work well. We can slowly get into the week, and get a huge chunk of work done.

I had an appointment for a few hours on Tuesday, so Michael took some time off to watch the kids. We picked him up at work on our way-that way they could drop me off and I didn’t have to pay to park the car, or search for hours to find a parking spot in the first place! As my appointment was near Milestones, I packed them all a picnic lunch so they could go spend a few hours there. I think the last time Michael was there was almost a year ago. They had lots of fun with him-and they finally managed to build the viaduct with him. I always refuse to do it with them as I don’t like looking like a complete idiot in public!


Kieran noticed that the mannequin outside the Victorian train station was wearing a GWR (Great Western Railway) hat-so he took a photo.


Today the kids and I went shopping for aforementioned school clothing and a few other goodies. In the afternoon we did some St. Patrick day activities. I have to say, it has proved to be yet another thing in life I find unsettling these days.

When you are raised as an Irish Catholic-St. Patrick is as close to a god as one can come. Is there any other country who’s patron saint is celebrated as widely as St. Patrick? We aren’t raising the kids in any religion, but as it is a historical part of their heritage I thought they should know what it’s all about. And then it hit me-why are we celebrating one of the people who helped to eradicate the ancient Irish culture? I can’t actually tell them that I think it was a good thing he brought Christianity to Ireland, though I’m sure millions of Irish Catholics around the world would disagree with me. It’s not even that he brought Catholicism, but that it was eventually imposed upon the people. I so dislike anyone imposing their belief’s, wether religious or political, on any other belief system, especially if it means it has the possibility of wiping out the ancient culture of the people. As to me-that shows no respect for the people, or their choice in how they wanted to live their lives.  And what is noble about that?

Oh-it’s just one conundrum after another for me lately. I feel like I’m always walking a tight-rope on religious issues with the kids-trying to teach them the history behind it, to respect and understand the decisions others make, and yet explain how we don’t believe any of it. Without prejudicing their opinions on it. Not always a very easy thing to do. So we will carry on having fun learning about the history of it all, having fun with the faeries and leprechauns, and respecting the peoples feelings for the Saint and the shamrock.

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2 Responses to I Bought a School Uniform Today

  1. tammy says:

    Hope the dance exam goes well!

    • Elizabeth says:

      He said it was fun, so I’m sure he did well. It isn’t graded at this level–and as he thinks he’s marvellous, I’m sure he thinks the examiner will think that as well!

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