We’ve had a fairly normal week last week after the Royal Institute visit. The only out of the norm event was that Kieran decided on Wednesday that he wasn’t going back to Beavers. We had missed it the week before due to Riverdance, and hadn’t talked about it since the week before that. He seemed to have had a good time in his last session-he let Michael leave within minutes of getting there, and came home very proud of the Valentine he made for me. I thought he had decided it was ok and was going to stick it out. He says it’s the noise he can’t tolerate-the hall is just too loud for him. Which is odd, as the Irish music in his dancing class is usually very loud. Oh well-I’m not going to fuss as it’s one less day to be running around right before/after dinner. He has asked if he can try it again next year when his ears were a bit older, so I said of course.

On Friday we had a visit from Carole and the girls.  She looks like she’s really enjoying having two little girls.  It was so nice to see a tiny baby again–our niece is 16 months old now-so Camille is the only baby we know.  While they were here the neighbour called over the hedge to Kieran and Hazel to see if they wanted to help load up some wood to bring over to our house.  He still had some small branches around from a tree they trimmed last autumn and wanted to give it to us for our fire.  Kieran ran over by himself and helped fill the wheelbarrow and bring it home.  He felt like such a big guy. (And we all enjoyed the fires all weekend!)

We did have one other treat this week- we all went to see Coppelia in Oxford. It was Michael and Kieran’s’ first ballet, other than Angelina Ballerina. I’m not a huge fan of ballet-but it was very enjoyable. Luckily enough I had read the story to the children, which helped to minimize the questions throughout. Hazel said I hadn’t mentioned a wedding when I read the story to them, so I had to show her that it was in the first paragraph I had read to them.

Before the ballet the kids picked out some new books in Borders with the money their Great-gran gave to them last weekend, Hazel has bought one from yet another girly series-and now wants to read them all. Thank goodness for libraries. After the ballet we went to the Gourmet Burger Kitchen for a burger each and a shared bowl of chips. Not a bad burger-rare to get a real beef burger here, so I did enjoy it. I love the look on waiters faces when I say we’ll all just have water-the look of horror always amuses me.

Home to find yet another TV show for the kids to get hooked into. It was Monty Halls’ Great Escape. He’s a marine biologist who gives up his normal life to become a beachcomber in the west of Scotland living as basically as he can. The kids find this type of show fascinating-anything that is real, involves nature and has an outdoor-living twist to it is right up their alley. Don’t worry though-couch potato’s they’ll never be-they rarely watch more than 3 hours of TV in a week.

Sunday was a fairly productive day-well, for Michael it was. Before I got up he had had breakfast with the kids, cleaned the fireplace and made a start on cleaning the oven. I woke when he brought me a cup of tea. Then he levelled the floor of the greenhouse. The kids were also very busy-they moved their kitchen items and doll furniture back to their playhouse as it’s spring time and they can get out to it more. I managed to make a frittata for lunch-and get dressed to go shopping for dull things like new brooms. As it was a rainy, cold afternoon we all went for a quick home-goods shop, and came home to a very warm-winter chicken casserole we had left to cook in the oven while we were out. The weather had turned bitterly cold as the afternoon progressed. So a hearty meal and a warm fire were the nicest way to end the week.  I also managed to finish the fifth book in the No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency series.

Today was also fairly normal-the kids and I all did some work and went food shopping before going to their Irish class. Had a nice chat with one of the new mom’s-it’s a nice group as they all chat a bit to each other.

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One Response to Coppelia

  1. Dawn says:

    I love your son’s request to try again next year, “when his ears are older.” So cute. 😉

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