Quick Dash North

After the morning dance classes on Saturday we had an early lunch and then hopped in the car to drive north. We went to visit Michael’s family for the weekend. We had a rather quick drive-absolutely no traffic what so ever. We drove the 200 miles, checked into the hotel and were at his parents house in 3 hours.

The drive north is getting quieter every time. By that I mean-the kids are quieter-Kieran isn’t asking 1001 questions, only about 500. Hazel & Kieran are great in the car-and don’t mind long drives at all-we’ve never had a fuss. Though there was one time at the end of a really long 5 hour trip when Hazel was about 20 months that I had to sing a zillion verses of ‘Old McDonald’s Farm’. We all normally chat and sing along to whatever we listen to. But last year Hazel realized she could read to herself-so she brings novels with her every time. This was the first long car trip that Kieran brought some fairly long books for himself to read. He read a few ‘Old Bear’ books and a couple on knights. I love that they can read in a car-not something I ever encouraged. I get car sick by reading a map for two-minutes, so I never suggested it for fear of making them ill.

Michael’s brother & sister both came round with their families in the afternoon and stayed for dinner. The kids always have fun seeing their cousins. The littlest has grown-she’s starting that lovely toddler stage. Later in the afternoon the brothers brought all 7 grand-kids to visit their Great-grandmother for awhile.



I think she enjoyed having them all underfoot for a bit. We managed to get back to the hotel just after 9:30 pm-haven’t seen Hazel fall asleep that quickly in ages!

We had a lazy Sunday morning in the hotel. Generally, we never watch TV in the mornings-but tend to for the novelty of it in the hotel if we aren’t in a hurry. We bring breakfast of dried cereal, nuts, fruit, rice cakes & peanut butter– so we have a very leisurely breakfast while watching the news and a bit of the kids shows. The kids even had a long play in the bath-and we were still out before 11 am.

Michael’s sisters’ family came round to his parents for an early Sunday lunch. We took the kids & their cousin to Michael’s Gran for a bit in the early afternoon before we left. Kieran is at that stage of being upset when we leave-and our nephew asked how long it lasts. I don’t think he was overly impressed when I said all tears were usually gone before we get to the end of the road! Kieran is so easily distracted-we just ask him what he wants to listen to on the cd player, and all upsets are forgotten. We were lucky enough to have another very easy drive home on Sunday-and were home by 7 pm. A light dinner for everyone and then the kids had a quick bath and were asleep in minutes.

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