Yes, I finally saw Riverdance!! We went to the matinee today-and then to dinner afterwards. I’ve been wanting to see this ever since the first tour, but just never got round to it. When I saw the tickets were going on sale-I wrote the starting sales date down, and managed to get tickets the first day they went on sale. We had third row seats-as I wanted to be as close as I could.

It was better than I expected. The atmosphere really helps make the show more enjoyable than seeing it on the TV. I have to say-I’m just a bit too much of an emotional roller coaster at times. I was so thrilled to be there and to be able to bring the kids and seeing their reactions was priceless-I welled up a few times. I think I spent almost as much time watching the kids as the show. To say they were enthralled would be an understatement. From the first light and the first note of music, they were hooked. Kieran was on my lap for most of the show-with his head practically between the two heads of the ladies in front of us. They took one look at this little guy’s face, and then spent as much time watching him as we did. Hazel had this look of complete joy and wonderment-it was so great to see her like that. They watched every footstep, could probably hum every tune, and marvelled at it all. Everyone within the 1st three rows knew us before we left. The kids explained that they were learning to do Irish dancing, and everyone noted at how marvellous it was to see two children enjoy the show as much as our two did.

The fun didn’t quite stop at the end of the show. We went to one of the restaurants near the theatre for dinner-and the lead male dancer was there with three of the female dancers. So we now have the autograph of  Alan Scariff, Niamh Eustace, Aoife McDarby and Nina Burke. They were very pleasant and gracious to us and another family that had just seen the show. I almost wanted to ask for a photograph-but thought that was just a bit too intrusive. Anyway-they were all in their sweat clothes and not their costumes-which would have been nicer.

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