Hawks and Falcons

The kids and I spent the beginning of the week brushing up on our knowledge of birds of prey. We were going to a birds of prey display on Wednesday, so I thought we should know more than the names of a few of them.

I had really thought it was going to be indoors at the Nature reserve-so wasn’t expecting it to be outdoors. Luckily enough it wasn’t too cold outside, and my cough didn’t distract everyone too much.

There were about 8 birds all total. The man introduced the birds to everyone and told us a bit about them. The group was small enough that everyone could be close. He wasn’t the best ‘presenter’ in the world, but he answered every question and was very nice. He then let all the children who wanted to hold a Lanner Falcon. Kieran was very excited and held the falcon. And of course I forgot to bring a camera! Hazel wasn’t having anything to do with the falcon!

He then brought out a hawk, who’s proper name I forgot-but here’s a photo of him on the internet. He let the older folk have the bird land on their hand if they wanted to. After I shrieked when it flew right past me, I thought I had better be brave and do this, or else Hazel would never, ever try this. So I donned the glove and had a hawk land on my hand. I’ll definitely volunteer again, and make sure we bring the camera.

After the demonstration we headed to one of the privately owned nursery’s. We bought our seed potatoes and a new blueberry plant. We have one, and the kids love it. I told the woman I had no idea what our older one yielded last year-as the kids just went outside every morning and ate all the ripe berries. This plant will be a bit smaller, so hopefully they’ll look good in some pots on the front porch for a few more years. I’m thrilled to have the seed potato-and I bought more than I thought I was going to. We don’t actually have a plot-so I’ll have to get creative as to where we put them all.

Other than that, the week has been fairly quite. I’ve been up coughing most nights-so we are both a bit exhausted. I’m starting another 2 week course of medication-so hopefully that’ll knock this cold out of my system. The kids have been great and are keeping busy. They’ve been working on their lap-books- colouring away for two days. They’ve also had a sudden return to play-doh this week. They are getting so much more creative with what they make. It’s interesting to see what a few months away from something can do for them. They’ve also started to build a den out back, right behind their playhouse. Mind you-that’s what I thought we spent all that money on a playhouse for! Oh well-whatever makes them happy!

Michael and a friend of his went out to play a round of golf this afternoon. It was the first time in 10 years for Michael-he was like a little kid let loose in a candy store. He ran out yesterday after work to get some new golf shoes and a new pair of gloves. He didn’t do too badly considering he hasn’t played in ten years. The kids couldn’t wait for him to get home tonight-they aren’t used to waiting till 7 pm to see him. They don’t really understand golf yet-so were filled with questions. Of course this meant they didn’t get to bed till after 8 pm.

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