Show us your Colourful Food

I saw this photo on Esther’s blog and decided I’d take a photo of our current stock of fruit and vegetables.

Our photo was taken today, after lunch. Most of the fruit and vegetables had been bought on Sunday. We will run out of bananas and grapes before Thursday, but the kids prefer the bananas ‘greenish’, so we try not to buy too many at once. And grapes-well, they just don’t last long around here! I did not take out the frozen vegetables of peas and spinach for the photo. We go through at least a bag of Garden Peas and Petitie Pois each week.


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One Response to Show us your Colourful Food

  1. Esther says:

    Lovely photo indeed! I spy avocadoes, mmm…. waiting for them to come back to season… And celery! I can only find leaf celery here. And grapes! You make me drool! (Grapes are imported, we don’t find them at the market!) And broccoli! Our broccoli here is totally pathetic… when we find it. Thanks for posting, enjoy the availability!

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