Activities Are Reinstated

Saturday morning started with much excitement: The Tooth Fairy came! Kieran was beyond excited with his £2 and the lovely note she left him this morning. I did feel a bit sad when he asked if it was enough money to get him to Florida. Hazel was excited-and you can see that she was wondering if she’d try it next time. I told her we could write another letter to the Tooth Fairy and say she changed her mind-but she’s still thinking about that. It was like Christmas though-we all had to go down together to see if she came!

Then they found another treat on the kitchen table. Michael and I have our ‘little anniversaries’ throughout the year that just mean so much more to me than Valentines-so we normally do something very low-key. Usually we all go out for a treat somewhere. But as Hazel was out for most of the day-I had decided to buy them all a treat instead this year. I had found a Lego City sticker/workbook and a pirate pencil for Kieran and a lovely heart shaped necklace for Hazel. Then I bought tons of G & B Chocolates that Michael likes. He’s been so amazing the last couple of weeks, putting in extra hours at work AND still spending more time helping around here as I haven’t been up to par. Plus-he’s lit a fire almost every night this week.

After all the excitement about the Tooth Fairy and gifts-we decided to get Saturday started, which meant they had their dance classes. Michael took both of the kids and I stayed home. I made a packed lunch for Hazel as she was having embroidery class in the afternoon, and then I cleaned the downstairs and made a good start on the laundry.

They got home just after 11 am, so I had plenty of time to get work done. When they got in, I finished off a few things and Michael made the kids some scrambled eggs and toast before dropping Hazel off at embroidery. She looks so grown up leaving the house with her sewing box and lunch bag. It’s the longest period of time we are without her-and I just can’t imagine not seeing her for almost 30 hours a week.

The Lego City book became quite useful on Saturday-as Kieran spent the whole afternoon on it. Michael was able to hang a valence in the front room, too bad I don’t like it. Yes-he can be a very patient sole! I also managed to get the bills and laundry done-I like everything to be up-to-date. We also managed to come up with some meal ideas for dinner and for Sunday, and some ideas of things to get at the market in the morning.

A little while after Hazel came home, she and Kieran watched Coast, Michael put the TV antenna wire in the kitchen under the flooring (finally) and I made a proper Sheppard’s pie. I hadn’t used minced lamb for it in ages. It was ready just as Coast ended, and just before the last instalment of the Victorian Farm Series came on. So we all enjoyed that in front of a roaring fire. Hazel doesn’t like when series come to an end. I had to cheer her up by letting her know that a new one she would like would be on Sunday nights for the next few weeks.

They went to bed a bit just before 8 pm. Michael and I have been doing much more reading lately-so we did that and watched a new series about Iran. It has been very educational for me. The sad part is I remember hearing snatches of so much that has happened between Iran and the States since the Carter administration-but never paid any attention to the details.

Today we were up early, but had a slower morning than planned. We didn’t get to the market until after 10 am. It’s a much smaller market, but we got enough for the week. We then headed to Sainsbury’s to get everything else. We didn’t make it home till noon. Luckily enough Michael had prepared the mince lamb for our lunch before we went to the market. We were going to have lamb burgers and salad for lunch. So while he did those finishing touches and cooked the burgers, I made the salad and cut up some carrots. We had lamb burgers in pita pockets with a yogurt and mint sauce, fresh salad and carrot sticks with Michael’s best-ever hummus. I really like colourful food!

After lunch I packed the three of them off to the Nature reserve to see the story teller session. I had wanted to go, as we’d never been to one before, but I stayed to put everything away. I noticed it was drizzling a bit when I was done, so I drove down to pick them up. The session was still in progress, so I got to join in for the last story. The story tellers were great, and my two, as well as the others, were all enjoying it. They told three stories and the kids made bird feeders. They also made a paper t-shirt for a toy while they told an origami story. (That was the one I saw)

When we got home Michael lit a fire and we called my mom. The kids and I had a nice chat with her. I could deal with the distance a bit better if we didn’t have to deal with the time difference as well. Most days she’s at work until after my two go to bed-so we are pretty much limited to trying to catch each other on a Sunday. But it’s always wonderful to have those chats!

In the early evening we all watched the new series Natures Great Events. I think it’s safe to say we all enjoyed it. I never get over how much my two enjoy things like this. Kieran wanted to know why he couldn’t see David Attenborough, so I had to explain about narrators.

The evening turned into more TV viewing than is normal for a Sunday, because after the kids went to bed we watched Lark Rise to Candleford and then the new series of The Victorians with Jeremy Paxman. I don’t think I’ll let the kids see that one just yet-but I thought it was interesting to see how different Victorian artists portrayed what they saw around them. I did manage to read some of my book throughout the show though.

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