Second Tooth out for Kieran

Kieran slept a bit later than usual today, it was after 8:30 am when he finally woke up. He came down for breakfast, and a few minutes after he sat down to eat he jumped up and ran towards me for a tissue, but the box was empty. I didn’t think anything odd about that-we both have colds and have gone through two boxes this week alone. He then ran to the bathroom, comes back to me holding a piece of tissue to his mouth-and then he handed me his second bottom tooth! He said it had felt odd while he was eating-so he had given it a little tweak and it popped out!

We then had a nice quite day at home, and all went into town when Hazel had her ballet class. The boys went off to get haircuts, and I managed to do a bit of shopping in town. When we got home Michael and I put together some chicken and broccoli in a cream sauce with rice. We managed it all in under 25 minutes-who says home cooking is slow?


After dinner Kieran was over the moon with excitement. This tooth was definitely going to be left for the Tooth Fairy. Not a decision to his sisters liking at all! To help alleviate Hazel’s discomfort we had agreed that since Hazel & he were sharing a bedroom, that the tooth would be left on the living room window sill for the Tooth Fairy to collect. Kieran had made a sign at that time to put in the window for the Tooth Fairy to know where the tooth was-and he knew exactly where it was.

Just before bedtime Kieran got his sign and put it in the front window. He then placed his tooth in a ceramic bowl he had made at our Tudor re-enactment day and left that in the front window. I think at this stage even Hazel was getting a bit excited. Kieran did forbid Michael and I to come downstairs in the middle of the night to peak in his bowl! Kids! I think he was worried we’d take what was in it!

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