I Found the Club!

Yes- my children were adventurous enough to get back in the car with me to find the elusive club of last week! I had to convince them I knew exactly how to get there-as I had the correct map this time. I still can’t believe I missed that bit of info on the first email, but hey-ho, what can you do?

They were a bit doubtful of my skills, so I was happy to prove them wrong and make it there without one single u-turn! The organizer was surprised I made it this time-and I’m sure I’m the only one so far to make that mistake!

So we set off just after lunch to go find the club so we can attend a lap-book session. I thought it’d be something Hazel would enjoy, and it was. The surprise was that Kieran was just as eager to make one. They both started a cover, without knowing what they were going to put inside it. Hazel went down the garden route in her design, and Kieran started to put vehicles on his. Obviously, then that will be the theme! I’ll try and print some things off for them and see if they are still eager to work on them. Will take photos when they are completed.

It was nice to see some new faces, some people we rarely see, and some people from another local group that I didn’t know travelled to this one. The people at the group were all very pleasant-though I’m not crazy about the hall. I just don’t like halls-they just aren’t the nicest place to sit around for a few hours.

When I got home the chicken I left out hadn’t defrosted. I then tried to make a lentil bake-but it didn’t set in time before the kids had to go to Brownies and Badgers, so they opted to have cereal then and some lentil bake when they got home. Michael dropped them off and then we had some lentil bake and a lovely, peaceful cup of tea before he went to collect the kids again. I love our evening cups of tea-especially the first uninterrupted one of the day!

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