The Cancellations Continued

Everything for Monday and Tuesday were cancelled. We were supposed to go to the Royal Institute on Tuesday-but we decided there just may be too many delays with the trains. We were experiencing flooding in our area-so decided to stay put. Which, as Kieran and I are still not well, was probably for the best.

Today’s activities were on as planned. The kids had recorder lessons. I had to tell her though I sound really bad, I’d been on amoxicillin for a week now so was more than likely not contagious. They had another good lesson-they improve by leaps and bounds at times. Kieran is so observant with regards to the written notes-he notices anything new on a sheet of music within seconds of looking at it. Kieran also figured out how to play a new piece, and taught Hazel it before class. They had actually gotten written homework from the previous week. Kieran’s was spot on-though he did it all I sat with him. Hazel’s was nearly perfect-except she raced through some and missed two bars-but she did catch it when she doubled checked. It’s so fun watching them develop this new skill.

Their teacher lent me two books-the first time in years anyone has lent/recommended a book to me. She lent me the first two in the No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency series. I had seen an advert for the TV series and thought it looked good-so am looking forward to reading these. I’ll start as soon as I finish the book I’m reading at the moment.

Her daughters have been lending Hazel some Animal Ark books and some from the Home Farm Twins series. She has enjoyed having all these other books at her disposal. And a girl from Irish class lent her the next one in the Felicity books in the American Girl Series. 

Kieran had Beavers again tonight. I’m glad he’s trying it-but Michael had to stay for most of the session last week, but only stayed for about 15 minutes tonight. I’m thinking of checking out the other group and see if it’s more to Kieran’s taste. I just don’t want to rock the boat too much-as I think he’ll settle down, though it’s not the noise that bothers him as much as the leader. She has shouted at the children, not unheard of in the world, but not something my two like. And they’ve rarely ever experienced it-as though I may call for them loudly, we generally never raise our voices to them. He was actually a bit anxious about the possibility he might sneeze during role call and would get in trouble. Not an environment he feels safe in. But as I said, he did settle quicker today-probably because they all sat down to work on a craft. He made me a Valentine card and was so proud of it. Gotta love him!

It was nice spending time with Hazel though. I need to work in more one-on-one time for us all.

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