Cancellation City

This week everything, except Wednesdays activities, were cancelled. Irish was cancelled, a science event was cancelled, Brownies, Badgers and Fridays ballet class were all cancelled. No-the snow from Monday didn’t affect everything-the snow from Thursday morning helped out as well! We didn’t really think it would happen- two snow falls in one week! Could the kids have been any more thrilled?

Thursday we woke up to another few inches, and Michael decided not to risk going into work. Not that I’d let him-nor do I think the kids would have. In the end it turned out that the company closed for the day-so ‘yeahs!’ all round. The three of them managed to get out and play in the snow off and on for the day. As I’ve still been nursing a bad sinus infection, and as I’d have had my fill of playing in the snow growing up-I was content to make the lunch, do a bit of ironing and watch them play in the snow from the warmth of the house.

I do think the practice has helped in the snowman making department. These two are looking more like the real thing.



Friday was a really wet day-we had that ‘wet’ snow all morning. I didn’t let the kids out -as Kieran’s cold has been getting much worse, and I didn’t want to aggravate it. Michael had planned to come home from work and take Hazel to ballet-but her teacher called in the afternoon to say she was cancelling, as over half the families said they weren’t coming. Though she was quick to point out class would be on in the morning.

Poor Kieran started to run a temperature on Friday afternoon, so we kept him home from ballet this morning. There was no way Hazel was going to miss ballet-she does not like missing classes. She and Michael went off and came back with a few groceries. Kieran and I had a nice cuddle-it’s always fun spending some one-on-one time with them, just wish it wasn’t because he was ill.

Just before lunch I decided they needed something new to entertain themselves. We bought a Domino Rally kit awhile back-so we took that down for them. I think Michael had as much fun as they did. It has a glider plane that sets off from the kit-Kieran loved it. Hazel practically colour coded the dominoes-she loves her patterns!


I was a bit surprised in the afternoon to get a call from our local nature reserve that they were cancelling the story teller session on Sunday. Though it was fine here, the storytellers were coming from somewhere where they’d just had more snow-so they couldn’t come. As I said- just about everything was cancelled.

Michael had managed to replenish our coal and wood supplies today-so we can have a few more fires while it’s so chilly out. He lit a fire before dinner-so I enjoyed that while reading for awhile. We also all managed to play a game of the children’s version of Sequence. They are getting quite good at it now.
Later in the evening we watched the Victorian Farm Series again. The kids are so into the show. They really like Ruth, and were probably more interested, as I was, in all of her segments of the show. The kids think it’d be great to go live on the farm-but there’s no way I’d ever live like that!

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