Snow 'Guest'

Yesterday morning Michael was supposed to be flying off to the States for the week for business. He just got to Heathrow in the snow, to walk to the doors just as they were closing the airport due to the snow. Luckily enough his driver didn’t have another job and came right back to get Michael and bring him home. He was home just after 10 am. The kids had come in around 9:30 am to dry off and I teased them that we were going to have a special ‘snow visitor’. Kieran thought Frosty was coming! To say they were excited to see Michael walk in the house is an understatement. Though they both did mention that it meant they weren’t getting any presents.

I’m sure I was the most excited. I can not stand when he goes away. No-I really hate it. I get in such a panic-not so much about him, but if something happens to me while he’s away, I have no one to come look after the kids. It is always such a worry. Every time I drop one of them off at an event while he’s away-the other child and I sit and wait-I’d be so upset if something happened while we were away from each other. So yes-I so prefer having all four of us always together.

So the snow day became all that much more fun with Michael home for the day. He and the kids had lots of fun in the snow. They made another snowman with Michael-but used the broom handles for arms. Yes-we need more practice!




The three of them all worked on a sketch for Sketch Tuesday. The theme this week was their favourite vegetable. Here are the kids entries.



The roads were still fairly dire on Tuesday, so Michael took the day off as well. I’m not complaining about the state of the roads in the snow-I probably was the one person around here not complaining and thinking the country looked bad. (Now-that’s a change!) Really-the other countries get this weather all the time, and yes, maybe the UK is in for more snow-but they were prepared for normal weather, and this just wasn’t the norm. I’m sure they will re-evaluate, but give them time. If two inches of snow drops in the Southern US-we don’t expect Georgia to pull out 5,000 snowploughs and have the roads cleared overnight.

But what I am against is the amount of people who did drive-with out snow tires, and also having no knowledge or experience of driving in the snow. Most people around here didn’t even clear the snow off their cars-highly illegal back home. Common sense should have dictated you clean the snow off as it is a hazard to your vision, and possibly the cars behind you. I have driven in lots of snow over the years-and there is no way I would have driven without at least all-weather radials on the car. A day at work is not worth your life, or the misery even a minor accident can cause. I’m all for snow days-just so happy we don’t need to wait for over a foot of snow to fall during the night to get one!

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