Funny Story

Michael was expecting a taxi today for 7:15 am. I wake up as I hear him go downstairs-and I look at the alarm clock to see it says 7:05 am! My mind is racing-such thoughts as ‘Wow-I never heard the alarm’; ‘Why is he making tea-he just woke up and is late’; ‘He better hurry’; ‘Wow-it did snow!’ I jump up and go downstairs to tell him to get in the shower and I’ll do the tea. (Though have to say-I was quite thrilled he still thought to make me tea!) And then I see the kitchen clock. It was 6:05 am! You know that bewildered feeling-not too sure what’s right and what’s wrong. He looks perfectly relaxed and I asked if he checked the TV time-nope. We put the news on to see that yes, it is just minutes after 6 am.

He not only didn’t set the alarm-he messed up the actual time on our alarm clock!! You’d think he’d know how to do it by now, wouldn’t you?

I guess it just goes to prove-we are a family that does not live by the time on a clock. And considering the battery operated clock in the kitchen is the only other clock in the house that is set-we aren’t ruled by the time constraints of most families. Except for the rare morning a few times a year due to a travel commitment-we never set the alarm. Michael has flexible enough hours at work-and has no set hours. Which was useful during the sleepless nights when the kids were babies. We just generally all wake up when we do-usually about 7:30 am or so-but it’s been wonderful living for 8 years without having to wake to the horrible sound of an alarm. Though I do think next time it needs to be done-I’ll set the alarm!!

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