The Fifth One's Out

Today Hazel has finally managed to get her top front tooth out. It has been sticking out of her mouth for ages-I’m sure it could have come out well over a week ago. She was determined to do it on her own this time-and she did. Once again though-the new tooth is already peaking out-so it should fill the very large gap soon.


The only other news on teeth is that Kieran’s molars are coming through and he has one wobbly bottom tooth, whose replacement has popped up. Yes-we do spend a great deal of our time looking at and discussing their teeth!

We haven’t been up to much this weekend. I had a doctor’s appointment first thing on Friday morning to get a prescription the (private) eye doctor (who works Saturdays!) wanted me to take. It ended up being perfect timing though, as I woke up Friday with a sinus cold. He thinks the pain in my eye (which feels like something’s been pushing on it for about the last 7 months now-and yes it’s taken them this long to come up with this one!) may be due to an undetected sinus problem. So I’ll do a full course of amoxicillin for 2 weeks and if it doesn’t clear up-I need to see an ENT. Wonder how long it’ll take to get an appointment? The eye doctor did say that my history of Chronic Sinusitis (about 25 years worth) may have damaged the sinus cavity above my eye. When I told him the doctors wanted to do surgery on it almost 20 years ago-he said it was silly I didn’t have it done. But I still think it was the right decision-I’ve seen too many people have that painful procedure done and still have sinus problems. It doesn’t actually cure allergens, such as pollen. Then again he did cheer me up-he’s not from the UK either-and he said if I was home or in any other country the first thing a doctor would have done for this type of pain was a basic sinus x-ray at the very least, possibly a CT Scan and then right to an ENT doctor. I told this to the GP who dutifully wrote out an x-ray form, and said she hadn’t thought of it! Argh!!

Hazel hadn’t been feeling well most of the week, so we just ran a few quick errands and then came home. The kids did some work, and then we had lunch. I cooked cod cakes (good ones from Waitrose) and rice with peas and a cream sauce for lunch. I do like a hot meal for lunch when it’s chilly out. My head felt like it was going to explode by the time I cleaned up the lunch dishes, so I headed to bed just after 1:30 pm. Kieran played in their playroom and bedroom the whole time, and Hazel read. Hazel came to lie down with me about 4 pm, and we fell fast asleep. It’s been months since she’s been asleep with me-I do miss them sleeping with us! I used to really enjoy the afternoon naps with the kids-we’d all snuggle up in my bedroom for a couple of hours. Is there anything better than watching your baby slumber peacefully?

Michael got home about 5-I’m not sure exactly when, as I was asleep. When he roused us girls, he took the kids downstairs and made them some porridge for dinner and I just did my best to try and sit up. I can’t believe I used to put up with that sort of pain all the time. I’ve become such a weakling! Anyway-I did manage to get up and enjoy the bedtime ritual, and watched a bit of TV with Michael. The second dose of amoxicillin kicked in-so my head wasn’t as painful.

Saturday morning I decided to redeem myself for slacking off all of Friday afternoon. When they all left for dance classes I tidied most of the downstairs and started the laundry. The ibuprofen helped. It is amazing though how much one can accomplish without any interruptions. I even watched a cooking programme on and off while I cleaned. For lunch we were going to make a risotto, but found out last minute we didn’t have enough of the risotto rice. Plan B-cheeseburgers with sautéed mixed peppers and red onion, with corn on the side. If only it was summer-would have been perfect! We followed this with the cake we bought the day before, but I was not in the mood for it on Friday.

I then decided, before the temptation to go back to bed hit in, to get us all down to the lake in the afternoon. Worst decision so far in 2009. Basically-it’s usually a wonderful wander round, the kids play in the playground and feed the ducks and all is peaceful. That’s the plan anyway.

I knew some sort of make-and-take was on that day, so I left them at the zip-wire while I went to go see what was on. I also booked them into a couple of upcoming activities while inside. I go back and tell them about the craft section (and to get a credit card), and they both go bounding in. I leave them to it, while I went to pay for the bookings I’d just made.

I go back in, and Kieran is a bit fussy-but I thought Michael had it under control. I left to go look at a few things, only to come back and Kieran is tearful and unusually belligerent. Without going into too much detail, not that much happened anyway, but we experienced Kieran’s very first full on melt-down, and he does it in public! I couldn’t believe it at first and as we haven’t had this before-I was not too sure what to do with him-as I had no idea what would bring him back, or what would push him further over the edge.

Luckily enough I got him out without too much commotion, and started walking home with him. The two of us had a very quick walk (forced march?) home-and he’d never seen me so angry, and I’d never seen him so upset. I actually raised my voice at him on the walk-and I started to giggle a bit after I asked if he’d ‘heard what I said?’-as if anyone couldn’t have! (I so dislike raised voices, especially in public!) It is a busy street so hopefully the traffic drowned it out a bit. When home he did spend the rest of the afternoon in his bedroom. He came down about 6 times for books-I think more of a ruse to come downstairs-but you can’t get annoyed when they come for books, now can you?

I also went to my room for a ‘time-out’. It’s the 1st time in 6 years I’ve ever really gotten annoyed with him-it was very upsetting. He is usually the easy one-he can be distracted so easily-even just a silly face or a cuddle and he’s fine. He did wake up today with the snuffles, so maybe he just wasn’t feeling up to par.

We managed to salvage the evening-and I made a cottage pie for dinner. In the evening we all watched the Victorian Farm again. I’m enjoying that show-though not too sure what they thought of the pig’s head being cooked. My two are really good about food and the slaughtering of animals for food. But as Hazel said, the brain in it’s raw state, just really looked too yucky to eat. I thought they’d cringe when Ruth peeled back the skin from the skull after it was cooked, or when she took the eyes out-but they didn’t bat an eyelash. Though Kieran was surprised at how big an eye really was when the one popped out.

Michael and I have been watching the History of Scotland on BBC this month. I’ve enjoyed it so far. Last night they entered into the era that I know the history from-I basically had no knowledge of what happened pre-Tudor times in Scotland. It’s been enjoyable-and hopefully historically true. I like Neil Oliver-especially the work he did on the series of Coast.

Today didn’t start off very well. Mostly Michaels’ fault (he! he!), but I sorted him out (ha! ha!) and we managed to get all the shopping done early. Michael ran over to the market for the meats and eggs-and the kids and I went to Sainsbury’s to do the veg/dairy/grains and everything else shop. We were just about done when he came back. Then we headed to Waitrose to get things they have that we like better or are cheaper. I rarely buy anything in advance-and don’t freeze much. But I’m trying an experiment! I want to see if I do one big (for us) food shop to stock up on dry goods (only what will be used within a month), cleaning products, etc… and a decent veg shop to get us going the first week or so-to see if it helps cut down on our food bill. Now I just have to get to sorting out a decent menu plan, and I’ll be set. The shopping plan did work in January-and we only bought in fruit/veg/dairy and meats as needed during the month, and even without the menu we were under budget for the month-always a good thing!

After I put everything away Michael made us poached eggs for lunch. Then he started dinner prep: he roasted a Rolled Pork Spare Rib. He let it slow cook for almost 4 hours-which cooked perfectly. The kids wanted sprouts to go with it-so we had some of those with roast potato’s, stuffing and gravy. Yes-they really asked for sprouts! The kids managed to get outside and played in the cold for almost an hour-I’m surprised they lasted that long! I got on with bills, laundry and stuff! And tonight I’m about to go watch Lark Rise to Candleford.

We are expecting snow tomorrow-the kids are beyond excited. I’m dreading the cold wet clothes and mess-but really looking forward to them playing in the snow. I have the ingredients ready to make peanut-butter cookies, so hopefully I’ll be able to tempt them in with that. And if it doesn’t snow-hopefully it’ll be a good enough consolation prize.

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