I've Caught Up!

Monday and Tuesday were basically stay at home days. Hazel and I were starting a cold, so we felt like taking it easy. The kids did plenty of work and so did I. I hadn’t done much for Spanish or geology yet this term-so I worked on both for a while. I had also done some geology work on Sunday night, which means I’m feeling only about three years behind everyone else.

They had Irish class on Monday night. Kieran has been getting a tad upset as he can’t remember all the step sequences to the reels, which I had mentioned the week before to the teacher. He doesn’t quite want Hazel showing him everything at home-and I didn’t want to encourage that. Their teacher has been great about it, and has taken the class through all the steps section-by-section. He is just about there with knowing it all-though he and the other boy do it a tad slower! It was very funny watching the two of them do the reel-they both kind of danced on the spot till one of them remembered what to do next. Kieran is the youngest, and Killian is only 6 months older. They are both about the same size and are quite good-but do need to concentrate just a bit more. Hazel, well she is a completely different story. She has really surpassed where I thought she’d be by now. The older girls are trying to keep up with her. Ballet has been very helpful, she has the graceful lines and can stay on her toes and maintain control and speed the whole time. She is really starting to leap high with the jumps-she looks so graceful. If she can keep her arms perfectly still, I’d say she’s mastered the first two reels.

Tuesday evening was Hazel’s first trip with the Brownies. They just went to another hall where one of the other local troops holds their meetings. They had arranged for a travelling astronomy show to come and do a show for the girls. Hazel seemed to really enjoy it-and actually walked away from it having learnt new things-always a plus in my book. She was also excited because she knew some of the other girls in the other troop, mostly from ballet. It’s nice to know she can go to other activities and run into girls she knows.

On Wednesday we all went into London for the day. We had booked tickets to go to one the Royal Institute of Science lecture: Explosive Sound Waves. We had booked into the afternoon show, which gave us time to go to the  National Art Gallery beforehand. Hazel has wanted to see the Impressionist paintings, especially ‘Sunflowers’ by Van Gogh. I don’t think it left her disappointed-though she thought it was odd that it’s not one of my favourites. To each their own. We had a nice wander round before walking to the Royal Institute.

Just have to mention-it’s so weird that even in such a large city, that has millions of tourists every year, that there are so few children around. Unless they are in a uniform walking 2-by-2 down a road, there are so few to be seen.

Once there we had a quick cup of tea before heading into the lecture hall. The children enjoyed the talk, as did we. The lecturer was entertaining enough-and who isn’t going to be in awe of flames dancing to Stevie Wonder? Kieran asked what I thought was a good question for a 6 year old: ‘how far can sound travel?’. Whenever he puts his hand up he won’t tell us what he’s going to say before he asks the lecturer. Then he had to talk to him right after the show. I wonder if I’ll ever get over how freely he talks to people.

We then spent some time wandering around the institute itself. Though I am not of the scientific mind set-seeing the library made me want to stay there for days on end. I love old books, and would love to read more of the history of science-what lead to the discoveries and inventions-and I’m sure those books held a lifetimes worth of reading.

On the train home I sat diagonally opposite someone who had sat in the section in front of us-though he was facing back towards us on the way in. We said hello to each other and he asked how our day was. When I told him what we’d been up to he asked if we home educated. Turns out he is one of the men working on one of the religious home-ed curriculums, and had been in the city at a talk on how to respond to yet another consultation the government is holding on home education here in the UK. Which is yet another thing to catch up with and blog.

When we got home, we drove Kieran to his first, and possibly last, Beavers meeting. We were offered a spot-and he was so over the moon with excitement to go. I wasn’t impressed by the unfriendliness of the leader when I brought Kieran-she basically was so rude that she didn’t even introduce herself to either of us. Doesn’t make you very comfortable leaving your child with someone who can’t be bothered to let him know her name. When Michael picked him up he said Kieran welled up and looked like he was going to cry. He just got in the car and wouldn’t talk. So instead of him bounding in to tell me about it-he would only say he didn’t like it.

As the evening and bath time went on, I got a bit more out of him-but exactly what happened I don’t think I’ll ever know. It has something to do with a boy/boys tripping over/tapping his leg while playing a running game of Snakes and Ladders. It was probably nothing, could even have been someone falling over his leg and falling-which would make Kieran upset. So it’ll be up to him if he wants to go back-as I think there were bits he did enjoy. As of now-the jury’s out on that one.

Today the kids did some work, I caught up on the blog and then they had recorder in the afternoon. When we got back from that I made them some dinner and then we took them to their groups. Michael and I went to a pub and had a drink. I had a cup of tea while sitting in front of a fire that Michael wouldn’t have to clean up after in the morning. We rarely go anywhere-so we have no clue what the local pubs are like and have started investigating them while they both have a group session. This was a very typical old pub-that had the three men holding up the side of the bar while putting the world to right. Though I don’t think in the olden days they would be debating the pros and cons of the grocery stores usage of plastic shopping bags!

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One Response to I've Caught Up!

  1. Dawn says:

    Your trip into London sounds like so much fun. You sure have some wonderful resources around you. I’m so sorry to read about the rudeness Kieran experienced at the Beaver meeting…how sad.

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